run, run, run, as fast as you can…

Ok, I don’t really run as fast as I can, because I really am pacing myself. I’m not booking it down a frisbee field, my goal is to steadily improve my speed and my stamina. Not much to ask, is it?

I’ve just completed my fourth week on Couch to 5k, though I’m still doing the first week suggestions. Nothing wrong with that. And I actually can feel a difference, see small differences, every time I run. So there is improvement.

In case I forgot to mention it last time, I don’t really want to run in a 5k race. Maybe that’ll change, but my only goal is to be able to run that much without stopping, whether it’s 5 kilometers or 5 miles. When in my life have I ever been able to run for 30 minutes, or to run for that distance? That’s right, never.

And though I spend most of my time, while running, either looking at the ground or at my watch, I do occasionally notice the gorgeous sky. But I won’t say anything sappy like “sunsets are so inspiring”. Because more than likely, I’m off in la-la land, listening to Kelly Clarkson, and waiting for the next 30 seconds to tick on by. Come on, would you have believed me, if I’d said otherwise?

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