bubby in a basket…

Would you just listen to that wind blow? It’s definitely a grey, chilly, and blustery day out there, so after one round on the trampoline, this morning, we’ve stayed in. Can’t have the toddler blowing away, can I? But we’ve kept occupied, with watching our morning round of Playschool and making many exciting things with colored paper.

Playschool’s not as bad as some shows that kids watch, I have to admit. And though I think the Wiggles are silly, they’re nowhere near as silly as Barney. Maybe that’s why Dorothea the Dinosaur isn’t my favorite, either, or it could just be that high-pitched, twittery voice she speaks in. It’s enough to turn you off rosy tea, for good. However, some of the shows, childlike as they are, you find it hard to not watch, especially if you’re folding laundry when it’s on. I regularly get the Postman Pat theme song stuck in my head, but it’s Babar that’s my favorite show. I wonder if I saw that show when I was a kid, too? I know I read the books, but the show seems so familiar…

My favorite part of the morning, though, has been watching Bubby play with the laundry basket. She’s played with it before, but today, she was taking great joy, just from sitting in it. Then she’d lean over to play peekaboo, lean a little further, and suddenly, the basket would tip over, with her falling out, looking quite alarmed. It was quite funny. But the best part was when she realized that she could push the basket in front of her, without using her hands. The rim of the basket is almost at waist level with her, so she started pushing it, just using her upper legs, and she thought this was great… and then the basket hit a wall, and Bubby fell in, headfirst. I’m afraid I laughed.

And the other exciting things for the day! Kit’s birthday present arrived! I ordered it from Amazon.com… on her birthday, actually. Yes, I had forgotten about it and I keep forgetting that I can’t just take a run up to Greenville, to go to Haywood Mall, or one of the two Barnes & Noble bookstores. Nor just down the road to Walmart. And with the exception of the grocery stores, here in Emerald, nothing’s open after 5pm. So, there I was on my girl’s birthday, with no present. So, I gave her a birthday card, assuring her that her present was on the way.

I ordered her the entire Little House series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My girls do actually watch the old television show, but that’s not why I bought them. The show is not actually very like the books, so I never watched it. Considering almost every child in America has grown up on Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, I felt that my Aussie girls should be introduced to one of the joys of my childhood. I know I helped to wear out my family’s copies of the books, as I read them over and over and over.

No matter what country you live in, I don’t know what child (or adult!) wouldn’t love to follow the true story of the Ingalls family, as they go from the big woods to the prairie, and further west. You watch Laura and Mary grow from little girls to young women. You see their family through hardship and happy times. And Farmer Boy tells you about the childhood of Almanzo Wilder, whom Laura Ingalls would one day marry. Young children can read them (or have them read to them) and understand them easily, and there are many black and white illustrations to make things even more interesting. And for those familiar with the Newbery Medals, five of her books were awarded Newbery Honor Medals (that’s runner-up to the Newbery Medal).

If you’ve never read them, it’s time to borrow or buy them, and read them to your children!

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