crafty kids: crowns & place mats…

One day, I found colored paper at the grocery store. I know, you’re stunned. But I haven’t been able to find colored paper anywhere, the kind that comes in a pad of lots of different colors. I’m not paying for individual sheets, you know! Anyway, I brought it home with the groceries, feeling like my craft inspiration had finally arrived.

I don’t know why I feel like I’m on home ground with colored paper to cut out and paste, rather than with paint or just drawing. I have done more painting with the kids, after we picked up more colors, so maybe I’ll get handier. I think part of the problem is never being able to find enough white paper to use. And I never even took pictures of my own last two masterpieces! But here are some of my girls’ paintings.

But back to paper. With colored paper, we can cut out pictures, paste shapes, create paper chains, and make our own jewelry. For me, the possibilities are endless. And maybe I’m being a bit OCD, but I’m keeping the colored paper where they can’t reach it, so it’s used for special projects, every day, rather than for coloring on, whenever they feel like it.

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I had dredged up a memory of weaving colored place mats with paper. My little girls each did about half of theirs. I showed them how to weave the first two, and then we took turns weaving them through. They did very well. And if you can call it cheating, we taped down the ends, after each piece, so the girls wouldn’t have to deal with any of their papers coming loose, after they’d been woven in.

My kids like to play princes and princesses. My little one who loves pink always has to be the princess, and my little tomboy always plays the prince. So, you can probably guess that my little pink princess takes dance lessons, while my tomboy takes soccer, because dance is “boring”.  But no dissing the tomboys, anyone. My little Emmie cares for her baby dolls just like any anxious mother, and loves to make beds.

So, I suggested making crowns, and after we made Sadie’s princess crown, we made a prince (or king) crown for her sister, who was at school. It kept her occupied for a while, and thrilled her sister, when she got home. Emmie then ran around in her crown all day, even to putting it back on after her bath, which caused the paper to get wet and tear. Fix-it procedures to commence, shortly.

After the schoolkids returned, Emmie also demanded a place mat making session, and after that, we made little pink books, for them to color the pages. Lots of options available for my crafty kids!

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