a lemonade lagoon…

It began with a straw. Ok, no, it didn’t. We’re not sure where it began. For me, it began with a straw. We’ll never know where it began, with the baby, because she isn’t old enough to tell us, and she’s probably forgotten about it, already.

I was half awake, having just had a wonderfully long nap, and they called me down for dinner. Burritos were on the table, and I was asked whether I wanted a lemon lime ‘n’ bitters. Unable to properly process the question through my brain, I first said no, and then changed it to yes. Then I took it to the table, with the rest of the can of Kirk’s Lemonade, to top it off as I went. But when you have a lemon lime ‘n’ bitters, you need a straw or something to stir the bitters and the cordial together with the lemonade soda.

So, while everyone was settling down at the table, and the last few food items were brought over, I headed to the pantry. I wondered, in passing, where the baby had gone, but wasn’t awake enough to figure it out. Then, as I reached for the almost closed pantry door, I stepped in a puddle. Startled, I looked at the floor, trying to figure out why there was water coming out of the pantry, but no, that was lemonade soda, because it was sticky and smelled like lemons. Right on cue, I heard a toddler make some sort of inquiring noise, from behind the door.

Peering round it, Bubby was standing in a puddle of soda, surrounded by cans, and unable to get around the cans and out the door. A bit of a puzzler for anyone, much less a toddler. I reached around at an awkward angle, and hauled her out. Her mom took her right to the bathtub, and I followed, to dip my sticky feet in the tub, before I tracked lemonade everywhere.

Throwing some towels on the flood plain, I tried to pick through the soda cans and identify the problem can. Considering I have to open spaghetti and bean cans for Emmie and Sadie, I couldn’t see how the baby could have popped one open. I picked up an apparently unopened can, but judging by the weight, it was empty. It wasn’t until I showed it to Mrs. B that we noticed the gash in the side of the can. Well, that didn’t help the mystery very much. And the baby was only behind the door for about five minutes!

We did manage to sit down and enjoy our dinner of some delicious burritos, even though the after-dinner entertainment was interrupted when one of the kids randomly threw up. Yes, life is never dull, with children in the house.

While cleaning up the sticky mess on the pantry floor, I noticed a few things. The soda didn’t reach under any of the shelves, or get into any boxes that were on the floor. It didn’t even reach the trim, at the bottom of the wall, though it was within an inch of it. There was no soda spray on the back of the door, the wall, or anywhere. And considering several of the cans were dropped and rolled all over the place, I considered them almost like a bomb. Anybody opens those tonight, and they’re going to get a bath.

But somehow, Bubby managed to tip over the cans, and before any of them could get shaken up, she must’ve pushed the door against the one can. I can’t think of any other way that can could’ve gotten smashed so easily by a toddler. And I certainly know it didn’t arrive damaged, because I just bought the box, today, and it went into the pantry without a drip in sight. It must’ve been the first can out, and the first to take a hit, or there would’ve been an explosion and the whole pantry would need to be washed out. And poor Bubby would’ve been dripping from head to toe, instead of just standing in the spreading puddle.

As I said, though, we’ll never know the exact whys and wherefores. Bubby’s already forgotten, and couldn’t tell us, if she did remember.

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