spring, spring, spring…

Yes, if you were wondering, that song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers DOES come to mind, ever since I thought of that title for this post. And hasn’t left my mind since, come to think of it. But I have been reliably informed that Spring began a few days ago. I had guessed that it had, as I did spot a few trees in bloom. I’m not sure what kind they are, but there’s at least one that has flowers that smell absolutely delicious. Nothing like a certain pear tree back home.   : )

The temperature wouldn’t suggest spring, though, as it’s about 80°F (26°C) out there, which really makes me think it’s summer. And I just put jeans on, which my body is rebelling against. But as I’m headed off to a Saturday evening with friends, on a local property, with a bonfire and BBQ involved, I think jeans will be a good idea. With the warming weather, the bugs could be misery-inducing, and the evening could still cool off. Also, it’s been pretty breezy out, so who knows if it’ll keep up into the evening?

With only about 45 minutes to get ready, it’s a good thing I had a burst of energy, after the movie ended, this afternoon. My friend and I started watching North & South (starring Daniela Denby-Ashe & Richard Armitage) at about 9am this morning, and finished at 1:30. With some chicken potpies and plenty of cappuccino to sustain us, I was able to enjoy watching a favorite movie again, and introduce another friend to it. And as I thought, she now plans to get her hands on the book (by Elizabeth Gaskell) and get her own copy of the DVD. Yes, it’s that good.

Since I plan to watch the same movie at least once or twice more in the next few weeks, and I’m also rereading the book, I should be posting about that, sometime soon. Have to finish the book, first, though. If you like Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë, you’ll really love Elizabeth Gaskell.

And now, I have to go run around in circles some more. I have my Akubra, marshmallows, camera, jumper (hoodie), and sneakers (I’m wearing flip-flops, at the moment). I’m sure I’ve forgotten several other things. Oh, I need to remember to not actually run around in these jeans. I’ll die of heat exhaustion.

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