oh, euphemism…

If you hadn’t heard before, we have a pregnant kitty in the house. It makes life interesting, as the older girls know, but the little girls don’t. Estimated time of arrival is sometime in the next three weeks, but we’re not exactly sure.

In the meantime, it also makes life amusing, as the little girls have noticed their cat is getting bigger, but they just assume it’s because she’s getting to be a “big girl”. We talk around the issue, and the girls don’t always understand why I’m asking them to be gentle with their kitty. Or more gentle than usual. When they ask why, my response tends to be “because I said so”. Yep, my parents used that one on me, all the time, and I continue that noble tradition. Don’t all grown-ups?

As I live upstairs, and the cat knows she’s safer (and it’s quieter) upstairs, she spends a lot of time up here. Of course, she keeps me steadily blockading my door with laundry baskets, so she doesn’t come in here. No, my friends, I still don’t tolerate a cat in my bedroom, whether I’m awake or asleep.

She’s too big to get over the baby gate (the one at the bottom of the stairs), so I always end up lifting her over it, or I take the gate down whenever Bubby’s asleep. The cat likes to sleep on one of the kids’ little armchairs, but she won’t be able to keep her kittens on it with her, that’s for sure. So, I’ve arranged some towels under the sewing table, and even draped an afghan off the side, to block some of the sun, and make it cozier. We plan to get a big box for the towels.

You may have already guessed what happens next. Earlier today, I came up the stairs, to the sound of the little girls playing. I heard something about babies, and found them under the sewing table. Not knowing what they knew, I asked them what they were doing, and told them to come out of there. Understandably, they wanted to know what it was for, if they weren’t allowed to play under there? I told them I was trying to get the cat to use that spot.

“But WHY?”

Their mom could hear that question and laughed, as she came up the stairs, and heard my stumbling answer of… “just because”, or something to that effect. The kids came out, complaining about it being such a nice “cubby”, and no doubt believing that their nanny had lost her mind. However, they were quickly distracted by something else, and hopefully forgot about it. Now, if we can just convince the cat about the nice cubby.

Cats and their annoyances aside, I look forward to the arrival of the kittens. I don’t expect I’ll be around (or awake, if I’m here), but you never know. I can see under the sewing table, right from where I’m sitting, so how lovely to see some baby creatures right outside my door? I’ve seen kittens in people’s homes, but never been around them for long periods of time… especially newborn kittens. So, that’ll be a new experience for me, as well as the girls. And keeping the kittens up here will keep them safely out of reach of babies that we’re still trying to keep out of the cat food.

P.S. Anybody want a kitten?

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