culture in multiples…

I wasn’t originally planning to attend the Multicultural Festival in Emerald… in fact, I’d completely forgotten about it. But when someone told me that it’s a nice show, I thought maybe I would, after all. After arranging for a ride, and waiting for my friends to arrive, it got dull while waiting, so I started walking down the street. A party was starting, a few houses down, so I was careful to not wave at any of the approaching cars. Didn’t want to be flagging down a car full of strangers, now did I?

After I prevented the dog from following me down to the railroad tracks, and my friends picked me up, we parked and headed into the show. The only entrance fee was a one gold coin donation to some group or another. Translation: one gold coin is either a $1 or $2 coin.

We bypassed the ice cream truck and the rides, immediately checking out all the tents full of food options. Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, German, and many more. There was even a booth for American Hotdogs, Aussie Pavlova, and American Apple Pie. I tried to peer at the hotdogs, to see if they were the right kind, but they were so covered in condiments, I couldn’t tell. They weren’t red, though, so they were probably right. But the apple pie… all they had were mini pies that looked like they came out of a box. One of my friends got one, and it came with a scoop of ice cream and custard. Not American at all. I don’t think we eat custard with anything, and that pie was definitely not the right stuff. I promised to make my friends the real deal, when I get my measuring cups. And they’ve promised to teach me to make real Pavlova, as they didn’t have the real deal at the show, either.

Eventually, we decided our best choices and the shortest line (queue) was at the Italian booth, where I ordered the same thing as my friend, but they gave us each something different. I’m pretty sure mine was an Italian pork sausage with fennel jam and something else. Yeah, you heard that right, but I’m pretty sure I read the sign correctly. I scraped most of the onions off the top, but it tasted pretty good.

We watched some of the local dance classes do some numbers on stage, with a lot of little kids involved. They were pretty cute, but nothing new and different. Eventually, we saw Tongan dancers, and some others, which was much more interesting.

The show was small and full of friendly people, many of them dressed in colorful outfits from any number of different countries.But mostly, I just had a good time hanging with my friends and meeting my first fellow au pair. She’s from Germany, so we were able to swap a few details about our kids, and my friends even got to see meet my kids, when they came by with their parents, later.

After sitting around for a while, I went to get Italian Gelato for dessert, but they were out of all but one flavor. I had really wanted to have the tiramisu one, but they were out. So, we got something full of dried fruit, which was ok. But I really liked the blood orange soda. I need to see if Woolies or Coles carry it. And then, while waiting for another friend to rejoin us, I gave in and tried the pavlova that was being sold at the show. My friend was right, it’s nothing like the homemade kind. But I enjoyed the fresh fruit on top of it. I definitely plan to add the making of pavlova to my cooking repertoire.

As I said, a fun evening with friends and different foods to try. How about you? What have you been up to?

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