of apes & bogey’s…

I wanted to go out somewhere, this evening, so I decided to go to Bogey’s. I hadn’t been there yet, though some of my friends in Emerald are shocked by that. It’s the coffee shop and small restaurant that’s attached to the movie theater, so it’s hard to miss when you go to the movies almost every weekend. I’d never stopped in, but I finally realized that I should’ve been there sooner. Why? Because sometimes you want to get out in the evening, and there aren’t many places open late around here. Bogey’s is open until around 8:30pm on most days, which is later than almost everything in town! And since it isn’t huge or fancy, I won’t look out of place, if I go there by myself to eat, or just order a coffee. And I can read a book, and not feel uncouth.   : )

So, in I went, and perused the menu for a while, before going up to the counter to order. There seemed to be some large regular meals, as well as appetizers and pizza. I opted for one of the appetizers, which was less expensive than a meal… the potato wedges with sweet chili & sour cream. I’ve fallen in love with this particular item, while over here. Any chance we can get restaurants back home to start carrying sweet chili & sour cream with french fries? I don’t remember many places that have potato wedges.

But they told me it was a pretty decent size, this appetizer, and man, were they right! I assure you, I did my very best to eat all of them, but I didn’t quite make it. I had preceded it with a mochaccino, remember. It was all SO good!

After hanging out at Bogey’s for a while, I went and continued to read my book in the lobby, and then went in to the theater to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I didn’t really want to see it, originally, because one of the first trailers creeped me out. Then I heard some good reviews of it, and I do love Andy Serkis’ acting. Yes, there was an actor behind Caesar’s face, not just a voice. And as we all know, not just anyone could have created Gollum. Never forget that.

I still wouldn’t have gone to see it, though, except I wanted to go out, and if I was going to Bogey’s, why not see a movie? Sure, I could’ve seen Mr. Popper’s Penguins, but I wasn’t quite in the mood. I’ve already seen Green Lantern and Captain America, and I’m going to see the latter again, tomorrow. And since Bad Teacher isn’t even an option… there you go.

Planet of the Apes is not my type of movie. As with any movie that I find remotely suspenseful, or I’m just worried about what I might see any second now, I’ll watch all the nerve-wracking parts through my fingers. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I did it the first time I watched Lord of the Rings, too, until I got through all the battle scenes once. I don’t do it anymore for those. And frankly, in this, I didn’t know what the apes would do next, and I found at least one of them (Koba?) terrifying.

And somewhere at the beginning of the movie, I started to wonder if part of my nervousness involved a memory of being freaked out, as a child, by watching Tarzan: The Legend of Greystoke. I was only five, and my family hadn’t known what to expect, and I was terrified by some of the “monkeys”… I think they’re the ones that killed Tarzan’s parents? I watched it again, when I was a teen, trying to see what it was really about, and discovered how absolutely awful that movie is. Don’t go see it. Ever. And even then, I found the attack on the humans to be scary.

So, I went into this, knowing that humans were going to come off the worse with the apes. But I was a little worried about how “worse” it would be, on-screen. I was glad that Caesar always stopped his “men” from hurting humans, if the humans hadn’t done them any harm first. The first trailer I ever saw for this, it showed that scene where Caesar is looking at his “dad” sleeping in his room, but the trailer makes it seem like it’s some bad ape, about to sneak in and kill a human, while they’re sleeping.

Anyway, on to Captain America (I’ve had some thoughts on that rolling around in my head, all week) and the Multi-Cultural Festival, tomorrow. That should be good for another post or two.   : )

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