tolkien & trampolines…

Life is not always exciting, but it IS always interesting. And I mean the word “interesting” in a good way, not just what you say to someone when you don’t know what to say. It really means to catch your interest, or to draw your attention and hold it. So, when you’re looking for the little things that make life tick by, then you’ll always find what will hold your interest. I don’t tend to use the word “exciting”, because what I find of interest doesn’t always cause excitement.

So, the latest news… I’ve started to read The Hobbit to my older girls (ages 10 and almost 9). Unable to find it at the bookstore, and it being checked out at the library, I finally realized that I could download it onto my Kindle. Yes, I did discover that I had a few friends who had a paperback I could borrow, but it was the mass market paperback (really small), and the Kindle would just be easier to read from. The girls enjoyed it, though Kady got lost a little during the dwarf intros. Her sister and I agreed that next time we read, we’ll keep the graphic novel by our side, so we can look at the pictures a bit, too.

Among other things, I finally achieved my first injury on a trampoline, and yes, despite my family not having one, I’ve been jumping on them since I was… a toddler, I think. I’ve seen pictures of us cousins on Uncle Jim’s trampoline, back when we were in diapers. Anyway, I was playing with Bubby, tried to climb off, and discovered that accidentally leaning on one of the springs isn’t fun. I look like a strange creature with 16 claws took a swipe at me, but almost missed. The baby, not surprisingly, was so startled by my shriek of pain, that she didn’t even make a crawl for it.

Back to Tolkien… sort of. I finally received my copy of Empire magazine in the mail. A month ago, I decided that it must not be coming to our store, when a Captain America cover arrived in stores… instead of the Gandalf cover that I wanted. Yes, the first on-set interview for The Hobbit movie was with Empire. So, I ordered it online, forgot about it, and it didn’t arrive. And then, the other day, I walked into the store and found Gandalf staring at me from the magazine rack. Oy. I was so tempted to buy it anyway, I had to give myself a stern talking-to. And my patience finally paid off… a magazine addressed to Mr. R. M. D. arrived in the mail. I forgave them for it, though. Strangely enough, it arrived the day before I started reading the book to the girls. Anybody else dying for December of 2012 to arrive?

In other news, I did go to Gem Fest, last weekend, but I never took any pictures of anything but the food. It turns out that it was just a small craft show that happened to have lots of fascinating jewelry, gems, and gizmos to use for fossicking and making jewelry. It was great fun. I wished I’d had the $3,000 in loose change to fork over for a ring set with a mandarin garnet (gloriously rich color orange gem) and a pearl. But anyway… my friend and I visited the cream-filled licorice booth, as always, and went to the baked potato stand for lunch. Sometime in the next few weeks, we plan to go back and do some fossicking at one of the mines she took me to.

Oh, I did buy something at Gem Fest. No gems, though. I found a booth full of carved items, and two of them were made from banksia cones from Western Australia. Which means, the banksia cones were HUGE. So, I bought a thermometer, set on a cut piece of banksia, and a little vase carved from another banksia cone. I thought they’d make nice souvenirs for myself (as well as allowing me to see what temperature my room is, in Fahrenheit), as I’m now very familiar with the banksia plant, both from storybooks (the Banksia men in Snugglepot and Cuddlepie) and from everyday life.

And in case you were wondering, it was a gorgeously sunny day… so, of course, I had to wear my Akubra.   : )

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