the ceramic engineer’s daughter…

I never thought I’d have a discussion about ceramics with a 3 year old. And over rosy tea, no less. How is this possible? Well, it was time for smoko time, at our house, and my little Sadie requested biscuits. Of course, she has to have fruit first, so then it expanded to an apple and maybe… two biscuits? Finally, a spark of brilliance occurred, and she asked if we could have rosy tea, because ginger biscuits are really good with that, and we could have our apple slices, too. This struck me as perfectly reasonable, so I put the kettle on, and we started getting things out.

She got a plastic plate for herself and a regular plate for me… and then proceeded to tell me that it was made of glass. No, sweetie, it’s made of china. Or you can call it ceramic. She promptly told me that she couldn’t say that. I had her repeat after me, and I thought “sa-wam-ick” was a pretty good rendition. Thirty seconds later, she referred to the plate as being made of glass again. Again, I corrected her. And a minute later, we went over this again. I think she got it, that time. But as I’m the daughter, niece, and granddaughter to several ceramic engineers, I just couldn’t let it pass.  : )   It might not be Noritake, Lennox, or porcelain, but it’s definitely NOT plastic. I do know that much.

So, we continued to prepare our smoko, and she was thrilled when I turned her ginger snaps and apple slices into a “flower” on her plate, and then waited patiently until I could do the same with mine. The rosy tea’s a little too floral tasting, I think, but she always enjoys it. And drinks it white, mind you, whereas I still need to have my two Splenda packets. I still don’t know how they do it.

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