got some maccas…

Do you realize it’s been over three months, or more, since I’ve been to Mickey D’s? Yes, “Maccas” is what Aussies call McDonald’s, even on the TV commercials, sometimes. Not that I made a huge habit of going there, when I was in the U.S., but I managed it, now and then. Well, when I wasn’t going to Burger King, because they carry Splenda, and McD’s doesn’t. I know, it’s the little things, right?

Anyway, we went to McD’s for lunch, and I was looking forward to getting a quarter pounder and fries. And then it occurred to me, while I was in line, that they probably didn’t have honey mustard. This is Australia, do they make honey mustard? Then I ordered my burger, like I always do… with cheese only. I kid you not, the lady looked at me and asked if I wanted meat on it. I blinked. Yes, of course I did. Oh, I wanted just meat and cheese, then? Um, yeah. If there’s no meat on it, how would it be a quarter pounder, and would somebody really go to a burger joint to get a cheese sandwich? 

While still in my slight state of shock, I started peering over the counter, looking around for ketchup packets, and such, and I even spotted the labels on the shelf. Sweet mustard. I had to order sweet mustard. I felt so proud of myself. Do you know how awkward it can be, when you ask if said place (restaurant, grocery store, whatever) has something… and it happens to be something American… and you’re speaking in an American accent? I try to not get into this situation, if I can help it, because sometimes you just want to give up. Like asking for tartar sauce, and they finally realize you’re requesting tartare sauce, except the Irish waitress pronounced it in a way that no Aussie has ever said it to me, and I still don’t remember how she said it.

You can decide whether to avoid the situation or not, though, like with the “hot chook” discussion, from a previous post. Or when ordering a “fill-it”, instead of a “fill-ay”. I already knew how Mrs. B pronounced it, so I didn’t even bother with my American version. But I had a strange memory of my older brother laughing over a scene in my Babysitters’ Club books, where someone ordered a “fill-it mig-nun”.

Back to Mickey D’s. I got my food and my sweet mustard, and we went to our seats. The little kids got Happy Meals, of course, and I just loved what the girls got. My recollection is that our Happy Meal toys, at home, are always movie themed, and nowhere as darn cute as these. I’d have LOVED to get this one, if I was still a little girl.

After eating, I took Bubby out on the playground, and had a good time taking her inside the playset, and down the slide (though I got a serious shock, going down that thing). But we had fun in the toddler area, too, as you can see. I really think they need to make those playgrounds adult-sized, so we can go down the slides, without having a kid for an excuse. Or having to squeeze into small spaces.

When was the last time you had as much fun at a McDonald’s?

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