shooting the breeze…

One of my Aussie friends told me that they really hate August. Now, if an American said that, it would be because July and August are the hottest months of summer. But here in Australia, August is the tail-end of winter, and it’s a winter that really doesn’t count as such. It’s 72° F (22° C) today, and it’s going to be in the HIGH 70s for the next few days. It’s like Florida, with no beach. Ok, maybe FL doesn’t get quite as cool at night, but I wouldn’t know. I only go there to go camping, or go to Disney World.

So, I was told that August was the windiest month of the year. I’m still trying to puzzle that out… can you get tired of wind, or is it so bad that trees fall down all the time? Because that’s what’s been happening at home, during the summer. I thought it was because we had pine trees that didn’t hold up to thunder storms. The song says “March came in like a lion”, but I don’t recall ever seeing any evidence of it, back home, either in PA or SC. I’ve always found March to be full of mood swings, unable to decide whether it’s winter, spring, or summer. Maybe someday, it’ll be fall, instead.

But yesterday, I could easily believe the August prediction. With some full baskets of wet laundry, I had to deal with high winds and a Hills Hoist rotary clothesline. Ever used a Hills Hoist? I think they’re great, in general, but really wished there was a way to set the brakes on it. After getting tired of trying to hold the clothesline in one hand and put the laundry up with the other, I gave up and let it spin. So, I ended up playing laundry roulette. Every time I pulled out another shirt from the basket, there was a different section of the rotary line facing me. And even then, it still didn’t want to hold still while I put the clothes on it. 

Now, the trees were whipping around, during this whole thing… but it didn’t seem to be enough to bring one of them down. Does that mean it’ll get worse? More storms? Or do you just get tired of the sound of the wind, whistling past the tin roof? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Because today… there’s just the occasional breeze. I think the wind got tired, yesterday. We’ll just wait and see when it gets its next sugar rush.

Oh, and by the way, I didn’t lighten up any of these pictures. It really was THAT bright outside. And I’m not sure if you can tell, but the eucalyptus trees are definitely bending in the wind.

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