starry nights & mocha…

So, I went to Blossoms bookshop today, because I decided that I wanted a mocha. Well, I decided that, much earlier in the morning, and then stupidly made one (instant variety) to go with my breakfast cereal. So, I almost talked myself out of it. But by 11am, I figured I could use some more chocolate and coffee, so I drove the two minutes to town, and walked into the store. Not being certain what the rules are about looking at books while drinking coffee, in this particular shop (I’m afraid I’ll splatter coffee on a nice clean book, like when I choked on my mocha at the airport), I wandered through the whole shop before ordering.

And hit the jackpot in the kids’ section. Ok, ok, I didn’t BUY it, but I wanted to. Badly. However, it’s going on my Amazon wishlist, so I can buy it when I get home from Australia. You have to understand… I am really trying hard to keep my suitcase at a reasonable weight, when I go home. So, limiting my book expenditures is one way to do this. It doesn’t always work, but today (for some reason) it did.

I know, you’re now dying to know what book it was, right? Well, it’s called Starry Starry Night, and it was written by Sarah Kate Mitchell. Oh, blast, I just looked at it on Amazon, and there’s only one copy, from another seller. I may have to go back to Blossoms to get it. I don’t know a lot about art, so I don’t think I can completely explain the beauty and the charm of the illustrations. says that Mitchell is trained as a graphic designer, which I did wonder about, from the layout of the design. It didn’t look like it could have just been painted.

Both the story and the art are just fabulous! The story follows young Jeffrey, as he looks up at the beautiful starry sky, and someone tells him that each star is full of dreams and imaginings.

So, when he sees a falling star, he’s worried that someone has lost their dream. He sets out on an adventure to find the falling star, and meets some moonbugs, leafbirds, and Sir Boxalot, along the way. He finally finds the star, and sets about figuring out how to return it to the sky, complete with new dreams and wonderful imaginings.

If you’ve never heard of this author before, or this book, please believe me when I tell you it’s a beautiful book, both in story and illustrations. I kid you not.

After resisting the urge to buy this book (How did I do it? I’m not even sure anymore), I ordered a mocha and… ok, I caved in and got a marbled brownie. At least, I think that’s what it was. Sure, resist the book, and buy the junk food. At least books don’t have calories. Sigh.

Anyway, I enjoyed having my mochaccino and brownie, though it would’ve been a lot more fun with someone there to talk to. Any takers for next time?

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