roos & postcards…

We saw kangaroos in our neighbor’s field, this morning! They were hanging out by the irrigation machines. Considering those machines rarely get used, I’m not sure why they were there. Our yard had plenty of water in it, since the sprinkler’s almost always on. And the kids were just as interested in seeing them as I was, so we all hurried outside Thankfully, I remembered to grab the camera (the correct one), my wonderful Canon PowerShot with the digital zoom. Walking quietly across the yard (ok, some of the kids tiptoed), we got a short look, before they hopped away into the wild gold yonder. I was considering saying the “wild yellow yonder”, but you know, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

The final picture gives you an actual idea of how far away we actually were from the roos. Sorry if the first two are a little blurry, but don’t you love digital zoom? I do. Or I do, at least until I get a mega zoom lens for my Nikon camera.

Later this morning, I headed out to Blossom’s to have some coffee and look at books, but I decided to save that for a separate post. A post within a post? Can I do that?

Anyway, I’ve been meaning, for quite a while, to work on my postcards. There’s quite a pile of them, and I really should get them sent off. But staying inside to write them… the idea just wasn’t agreeing with me. Especially on such a nice day. So, I headed for the trampoline, armed with my headphones, address book, Frisbee, lots of postcards, stamps, pen, and my camera. Why the Frisbee, you say? Well, I figured the surface of the trampoline wouldn’t be the best for actually writing the cards, so I was going to use my Frisbee as a desk. And I ended up using it to carry all my stuff out there, and keep it from sliding or blowing around on the trampoline.

The afternoon started off warm and sunny, but the clouds were billowing, and occasionally came overhead, cooling things down, and making me wonder if rain was in the forecast. But then the clouds would blow on by, and things would warm up again. So nice. I took a break and just soaked up the sunshine. By the way, don’t you love my address book? I know, who even uses them anymore? But I realized that unless I wanted to tie myself to my laptop, at all times (I know, shocking!), I needed to have my addresses in a small, handy, actual address book. Yes, I’m re-entering the dark ages, I know.  : )   Anyway, it’s full of awesome Jane Austen quotes that make me smile.

After a lunch break, I returned to my new favorite writing (and sunning) spot to work away diligently, until my hand was so cramped, it was in danger of getting fused in that position. And I had such a bad crick in my neck, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to turn my head, ever again. Oh, and as you’ll see in some of the pics, I didn’t always use the Frisbee as my writing desk. Some of the time, I was using the address book, but you get a worse crick in the neck from that, so I definitely recommend disc writing.    : ) 

My view from the trampoline, while seated and while sunning myself. (above and below)

A view of my favorite sunning & writing spot. (below)

And now, I have about 14 postcards ready, with 13 to go. Yes, I was serious when I said there was a whole pile of them…..

Ok, in the course of uploading pictures for this blog, I’ve written several more of them, so now I only have 10 or 11 to go.

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