it’s friday!

No, don’t start singing that song at me. For some reason, I keep forgetting that it is actually Friday, because every few minutes, I look at the clock, thinking that I probably need to go to bed earlier tonight. And then it hits me… I don’t have to get up at 6:30am tomorrow! Yes! So, then I go back to my random occupations, as I crank up my YouTube music favorites. Sure, I could listen to my foobar music player (No, that’s not a crazy American word, it’s actually the name of a media player program that you can download. My player of choice, as I hate iTunes.), but I don’t have the newest songs from Glee on there, so it has to be YouTube. Especially since I can’t download music from, while here in Australia. Sigh. There is actually a downside to being overseas, you know.  : )

With the weekend beginning, I try and figure out what I need to remember to do, both important items and not-so-important. And they all jumble up in my head. I need to burn some more CDs with my pictures, in case something goes wrong with my computer. I need to finish my 1-inch pile of postcards, and mail them. I need to read Dad and Dave, by Steele Rudd (recommended by an Aussie friend), which is a book of classic Australian pioneer stories. I want to finish rereading my Politically Incorrect Guide to American History on my Kindle, but that can wait, technically. Man, I love my P.I.G. guides. So, I have to remember that there are more important things to read. Supposedly.

If I find the time, I need to watch the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring with the girls, again, or get around to deciding what parts of the second half they’re allowed to watch. I keep reminding myself to check online, to see what movies are playing at the Emerald Cinema. I keep hoping that Captain America will be there this weekend, but there are no guarantees of that. I now want to introduce some friends of mine to North & South (starring Richard Armitage & Daniela Denby-Ashe, based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s book) and Lost in Austen, but just realized that I forgot to bring Lost in Austen with me, and I don’t own N&S. Sigh. Now, I either need to find someone here in town who has it, figure out if the library carries it, or order them from somewhere.

If you’ve never read or watched N&S, then you need to do BOTH. Or if you’re looking for the first BBC mini-series to one-up 1995’s Pride & Prejudice, then here you go. I love P&P, don’t forget, but Armitage and this movie can take Colin Firth, any day. Oh, and if you didn’t know it already, Elizabeth Gaskell was a contemporary of Charlotte Bronte, and some of Gaskell’s other books (Wives & Daughters, Cranford) have also been made into fantastic BBC movies. Look them all up! And the books!

Speaking of books, I’m supposed to be reading the latest one that my dad is working on, and have gotten sidetracked. I read, edit and/or make unhelpful comments on it. Really, I mostly read, check for spelling mistakes, and question whether there should be more commas included. I told you my reading habits are off-track! Sorry, Dad.   : )

Also, I’ve given up on reading the latest two books by Kate Morton, as I’m on a non-fiction binge, right now. So, hopefully, I’ll be able to start Walt Disney: The Biography, by Neal Gabler. I’d really like to learn a little more about Disney, the man, rather than the amusement park. And I love Walt Disney World, don’t get me wrong! I want to know more about the man who created it, as well as masterminded the original Disney classic movies.

And while I’m trying to figure out which of these I have time for, and what order to do them in, the circus is in town. When was the last time I was at the circus? Have I ever even been to a circus? I have no recollection of it, believe it or not. Maybe I should talk someone into going with me. Takers?

Chances are… I don’t know what I’ll end up doing, actually. Last weekend, I pretty much vegged out and read Ann Coulter’s newest book (which is awesome, by the way). So, I think doing nothing but read… that’s not an official option, this weekend. Le sigh. Postcards? CDs? Circus? I hope I can manage all of these.

Oh, I almost forgot… my Aussie family mentioned that Mary Poppins: The Musical is coming to Brisbane, so they’re considering going. That would be so sweet! I know all the music, but I’ve never seen it. Oh, I hope we can do that! I’ll also have to let the girls listen to the music (yes, there are more songs than are in the movie), so they’ll be familiar with it.   : )

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