crafty kids…

No, I’m not saying that my kids are devious or sly. According to, the archaic (or obsolete) meaning is “skilled, ingenious, or dexterous”. I think it’s ridiculous that this word isn’t making a comeback. If your kids or friends are skilled at crafts, or talented at coming up with new craft projects, then why shouldn’t they be “craft-y”?

In some ways, my kids are more crafty and talented than I am (or maybe my craft genes have been lying dormant since childhood). But even when I don’t come up with something new for them to do, they’re pretty good at thinking of ideas for themselves.

For example, they started off with painting, but when I next came out to the veranda, they had brought out the empty toilet paper rolls that we always save for projects. I had no idea what they were doing with them, until later.

I wish I had a picture of the completely finished product. That came with the puppet show, which I forgot to get my camera out for.

To turn these into puppets, the girls used hair bands to attach them to sticks, which their parents and I thought was quite clever. And later, when they needed the hair bands again, they could still be used as dolls. Or as my one year old Bubby likes to do, use it as a trumpet… or chew toy, as the mood strikes her.

I would definitely suggest this as a project for any age, as the left one was done by a four year old, and my eight year old did the other three. Beautiful, aren’t they?

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