trampolines & sunshine…

It was a lovely, warm, winter day, and I finally decided to wake up. I know, a warm winter day seems like a contradiction, and I understand the disbelief involved with comprehending it… but it’s true. It is winter, here, and it’s about 70 degrees outside (low 20s for those who speak Celsius). Can you blame me for choosing to enjoy the weather, and read a book in the sunshine?

The weather was warm, but not hot enough to make a cup of cappuccino unappealing, so I took mine outside with me, carefully climbed onto the trampoline with my Kindle and my drink, and set to reading. After my cuppa was finished, I sprawled out, half in the shade and half out, soaking up the sunshine, and working my way through Ann Coulter’s newest book, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America. I love a good book, especially an Ann Coulter book. Think it wouldn’t be your cup of tea? If you like history and you’re upset with where our country is headed, you’ll definitely like this book.

As I read, the chooks meandered underneath me, in their everlasting quest for food. The back doors of the house were closed, so they actually had to  forage, instead of stealing the cat’s food. Speaking of which, the cat was even whinging at me, though as always, she has plenty of food in her dish. I continued to enjoy my sunshine, ignoring the resident wildlife. Wouldn’t you?

Later in the afternoon, I came outside again, and briefly considering climbing into the girls’ “tree house”, which is really just a small platform with a few wooden steps nailed onto the tree trunk. How fun, to read a book while sitting in a tree! But the sunshine was calling me, not the shade. So, I returned to the trampoline, with another cuppa, let the rays of the sunset warm my back, and read some more. A lovely way to start and finish the day, don’t you think?

In addition to my laziness about doing anything but reading (when was the last time I did that?), my goal has been to not let Coulter’s book gather dust (figuratively), like Breitbart’s book managed to do when I got over here. That, and I went to the library the other day and I am probably being a little too ambitious. I borrowed two more of Kate Morton’s books (The Shifting Fog and The Distant Hours) and Walt Disney: The Biography, by Neal Gabler. Considering that each of these books are between 500-600 pages long, I may be biting off more than I can chew.

Oh, not for my normal book reading habits, of course! My “chewing” capabilities are more than capable, when I’m at home. If all three books were really good, I’d probably whip through them in two weeks. I give myself a little longer for the biography, since it’s a little heftier, subject-wise, and the print’s smaller.   : )   But instead, I’m here in Australia, with correspondence to keep up with, early wake-up times, early bedtimes, and several energetic kids to keep up with during the day. And on my weekends, I often do other things… like check out local scenery and visit the shops (which are closed when I get off work, during the week). I hope to go visit The Gemfields, soon, a local tourist attraction, and the reason that Emerald and all it’s local towns are named after precious stones. So, where do I find the time for 1,500 pages of books? As I said…. ambitious.

I hope my friends in the U.S. will receive a break in the heat, soon, so that they can enjoy the sunshine (with a good book), also… and without it killing them. Otherwise, anybody staying outside for an extensive period of time should be in the pool (or lake), not next to it.

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