you say ‘moe-kuh’?

And so, my last full day in the Gold Coast arrived. You’d think I would have done something to round out the week, something very exciting. But no… it was suggested that we get up before breakfast to go to the beach, but some of us were too tired for that. So, I admit it, I was at the Gold Coast, and never went to the beach. Well, unless you count sitting outside the seafood restaurant, with the seagulls. I’m sure I’ll get my chances at the beach, eventually.

My friends were having family over to visit, so I asked to be dropped off at the Robina Town Centre, a very large shopping mall, and I spent the rest of the day there. That is, I was there until closing time (what kind of mall closes at 5:30pm on a Friday?). It was a HUGE mall, though, which kept me quite occupied for over five hours. Trying on clothes that I’d never dream of, when at home. Trying on hats (I bought a fedora). Getting a mochaccino and a meat pie at Goldstein’s.

Oh, that’s right. Goldstein’s is a great bakery and coffee shop that advertises about serving mushy peas with their pies. Now, I’m sure it tastes great, but it sounds odd, and the pictures look a bit odd, too. If you didn’t know it was mushy peas, you’d wonder what was the green glop oozing off of the pie on the poster.  : )   And when I ordered a mochaccino, I was asked to repeat myself, as she was unsure what I was ordering. She asked me if I wanted a “mock-uh” or a “moe-kuh”. And then asked if I wanted coffee and chocolate in it. So, after I said yes, I was unsure which was the correct name for it.

After I left the mall, I mentioned it to Amelia, and she said, “You call it a ‘moe-kuh'”? No wonder the lady didn’t understand me. Here in Australia, they call it either a “mock-uh” or a “mock-uh-cheeno”, depending on the coffee shop. The word “moe-kuh” sounds pretty foreign, I guess.

And while I’m on the subject of words, I discovered how many uses there are for the word “feral”. Considering Americans only use it if they’re talking about a feral animal, and when do we talk about feral animals, unless you live in the wilds of wherever? But in AUS, the word “feral” can be used to describe your little sister, when she’s making a mess or being a pain, it can describe a hippie, and it can even describe a tube of toothpaste. So, I’ve decided that if you can’t think of a word to describe something, then you can use “feral”. Maybe Americans should start using it, instead of the word interesting. That would definitely get some interesting reactions.

The next morning, I was up at 4:15am, in order to be dropped off at 5:40am, at the Surfer’s Paradise train station, to catch the train at 5:53. Then I was able to relax for an hour and a half, until it came to it’s final stop, at the domestic terminal of the Brisbane airport. I was extremely hungry when I arrived at 7:30 (come on, breakfast was at 4:30am!), so I went to the coffee shop at the terminal, to get a “mock-uh”, Caramello, and a muffin. Yes, I pronounced mocha correctly, and the barista didn’t even notice. What a shame, I was so proud of myself.   : )

And after a tasty little snack on the plane, I arrived in Emerald, right on time. Mr. B picked me up, and I walked in the front door to find the kids watching Newsies, which I had highly recommended before I left. So, rather than unpack, I joined them, and sang along quietly with all the songs. Yep, I still know ALL the words.

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