takin’ the plunge…

Last Thursday, we took advantage of our special passes (I can go back to White Water World and Dreamworld, until September, if I want), and went to spend the day at the water park. The temperature wasn’t QUITE as warm as I’d have liked, but oh well. You can’t have everything. Since the weather wasn’t really hot, getting wet on the first few rides was a bit of a shock.

I enjoyed The Green Room. You get on a tube with three other people, and go into the tunnel. There’s a startling drop-off, especially if you’re the person facing backwards, and then you go into a funnel, to go up and down each side, several times. The Rip was also fun, as it dropped your four-person tube into a large funnel… but it’s shaped more like a goblet, so you get to spin around it several times, before going down the tube.

The Wedgie was a bit freaky, and I’m not sure I’m a fan. I also think I screamed, which is unusual for me… at least I shrieked louder than usual. They make sure you’re not wearing any jewelry, load you into a metal capsule, tell you to cross your arms and legs, close the door, and the floor drops out from under you. The free fall doesn’t last long, but I was praying for it to be over, because I got so much water up my nose that I couldn’t breathe until I got to the bottom. And yes, it does actually give you a wedgie.

The octopus ride had 8 spots for people to take their “sleds”, and race to the bottom. I thought it looked like fun, trying to race, but as you go down headfirst, I got more water in my nose, and when I hit a bump near the bottom, the front of my “sled” clobbered me in the head.

We did go into the wave pool for a while, as it was supposed to be heated, and because Sophie wanted to. So, we took turns hanging off her clear inner tube, while jumping up and down with the waves. I noticed immediately that the bottom of the wave pool is a bit like the pool at home. Rough enough that if you spend too much time in there, the bottoms of your toes will get scraped off. It was fun, though.

We had lunch at the Bite Me Cafe, where I ordered calamari rings and chips. The calamari wasn’t as good as the fresh ones I had several days before, but they were still quite good. I’m enjoying the variety, as I’m pretty sure calamari isn’t sold at any amusement park in the U.S. And at the very end of the day, our departure was delayed, as someone lost their “thong” (flip-flop), and we searched all over the park, because it had fallen out of the bag somewhere. Never found it. I loved the idea of asking the customer service people to call if they find your missing thong.   : )

And so, we headed home, to get ready for the evening’s outing. Janine and I were going to the Australian Outback Spectacular!

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