through a distant political glass…

I will start off by saying… they encouraged me to keep talking. I do not, in general, talk about politics when no one is interested, especially when I’m in a different country, where no one either knows or cares about American politics. But I received encouragement, so I didn’t shut down. In fact, we had a really interesting conversation, not just about politics, but about history, both Australian and American.

Secondly, I will state that… well, she asked for it. Sort of.   : )   Ok, I couldn’t resist. We had just had a great dinner, and as we digested, several conversations started up, with several different groupings of people. I was talking to two of the ladies, and I’m afraid one of them started me off. I don’t remember how the subject of politics came up, but what I do remember, clear as day, is someone saying, “I like Obama. He’s cool.”

I couldn’t stop myself. My immediate response was, “Why?”. What did they have to go on, to make this statement about someone so far from this country? Oh, I know how the media works in the United States. Biased as all get-out. Beyond that, even. So, how could the truth about our leaders actually trickle down to Oz, unless they know the right websites to look at? Because, for sure and certain, you will not get the truth from your newspaper. Or your television. Or in the movie theaters.

Before I continue, it wasn’t until later that evening that someone mentioned to me that in Australia, there’s a party called the Liberal Party, and if I remember this correctly, they’re conservatives. I mention this, because my discussion of American versus Aussie politics gets interesting, when we have a Democratic Party (who’re liberal) and a Republican Party (who’re conservative). Confused yet? But when I refer to liberals and conservatives, I’m usually not capitalizing them, and I’m referring to their mindset, rather than the name of their party. I hope that helps.

Once the “Obama is cool” statement had been made, I had an Aha! moment. If people who don’t know much about our country or our politics think that Obama is cool, then they probably think that Bush was a moron. Well, that’s what the mass media tells them. Don’t think I haven’t seen the “Dubya-isms” DVD on a shelf or two. And if you’re going to diss George W. Bush to my face, in all seriousness, you might want to watch your step. And for any Americans who are going to protest that Bush was NOT an angel, and in fact, didn’t act very conservative, as he increased the size of our government, and did vote to bailout some large companies before he left office, I’m aware of that. I just want to let some people get a glimpse of how real Americans see things.

In our Wednesday night discussion, I went back in time, and gave a short explanation of Reagan through Obama. I think I did pretty well, but won’t attempt to recreate that here, because I have no idea how I did it, then, as we jumped to other discussions of history, here and there.

The mass media would like everyone to believe that George W. Bush was a clodpole, an idiot, unable to put together an intelligible sentence, who doesn’t know what the inside of a library looks like, and somehow managed to steal the election in 2000. The impression of a bungler that can’t speak proper English might work on a foreigner, because they don’t realize that Bush is a Texan, a Southerner, and don’t we love our Texans? George W. Bush believes in the American dream, stands up for our military, salutes the flag with pride, and was there for our country, in our darkest hour of need, after 9/11. I don’t even like to imagine what would have happened in this country, if Al Gore had been President during that time.

George W. Bush is a Christian man who may not have been so vocal about his faith and belief in prayer as Ronald Reagan (one of our greatest presidents) was, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Bush brought his country and his job before the Throne in prayer, while in the Oval Office. For those (like Paul McCartney) who slam Bush’s intelligence, they seem to ignore the fact that Bush had a B.A. from Yale, and an M.B.A from Harvard. You don’t get a Master’s Degree just by sneezing, even if you do have trouble pronouncing “nuclear” correctly. And as for that, about half the people in the United States can’t pronounce that right, to the annoyance of those of us that can.   : )

As for Bush’s ability to read, you can find an article online, written by Karl Rove, who held an annual reading contest with the President, while in office. So, when he wasn’t in conference calls on Air Force One, our President was reading 95 books a year to Rove’s 110 (or 51 to 76, depending on the year). And for those of you who know my love of reading, both fiction and non-fiction, I couldn’t keep up with the reading list that those two men put across. Half of them were histories and biographies. I recognize some of the books on the list, books that I’ve SEEN on the bookstore shelves, and they could be used for door stops. No joke. These morons think our President couldn’t read, when his wife was a librarian? He may have out-read his wife, too.

And then there’s our current President. Cool? Based on what? Oh, he’s mesmerizing when he talks, they say. Have they ever heard him when he doesn’t have a teleprompter on hand? The man who thinks our country has 58 states (we have 50, if any Aussies are reading this)? The man who says that we cling bitterly to our guns and our religion? Who tells Joe the Plumber that he thinks we should spread the wealth around? Who, when questioned about abortion, says the question is “above his pay grade?”

Some people suggest that he’s a Muslim. You know, it’s not my call whether he’s a Muslim in hiding or not. Yes, he grew up in Indonesia, and went to a Muslim school, so he knows all about Islam. Does that make him one? I’ve no clue. But when he tries to claim that he’s a Christian, I don’t believe a word of it. He went to a “church” in Chicago for many years, and his pastor was one “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. Ever heard of him? The man that preaches sermons that include “God d–n America!” in them? The hateful diatribes that proceed from that pulpit are not even remotely Christian, so how could Barack Obama have ever learned to be one?

But he doesn’t have to be a Christian to be a good President, you say. Ok, then what should a President be? Wouldn’t you say that a President of the United States should be honorable, truthful, patriotic, have leadership qualities, and stand up for the law of the land, our Constitution? Yes, I know that all of our Presidents have NOT fit that description. I won’t even discuss Clinton. But just because they haven’t all been like that, shouldn’t we still aspire to have Presidents like that?

If our President should be the soul of honor, then he should be honest, fair, and worthy of respect. Didn’t he promise that the American people would be able to review every law that came through Congress, that it would be out there, openly, for everyone to see and inspect, before it was put up for a vote? What exactly happened when ObamaCare was passed, then? Was this honest or truthful, or worthy of respect, our President’s behavior, or that of his liberal minions?

How about patriotic? When the national anthem is played, you either put your hand over your heart, or you do a military salute towards the flag. Our President has been known to do neither. He is not pro-military, and does not have any respect for “our boys”. Barack Obama had no leadership experience, going into the Presidency, and hasn’t developed much, since then. As a leader of a country, he should not be bowing to Middle Eastern or Communist leaders, and yet he will diss our allies (or harangue them), as in the case of Israel, and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

And what about our Constitution? Yes, I probably should have started with that, but this whole thing is completely out of order, I know. Our Founders created the Constitution with the intention of the main power belonging to the states, limiting the federal government, and protecting our God-given freedoms. The United States was created in order that we would have religious freedom, as well as the freedom and opportunity to become anything that our skill and tenacity will allow.

Our current President does not believe in America. He believes that we need a government that completely controls our lives, because we don’t know how to take care of ourselves. The thinks that the government knows all and must become all, which is socialist thinking. And that’s a whole ‘nother subject that I’m trying to not get into.

And so, in the attempt to keep from rambling any further, I will close with this. President Obama may appear “cool” to some, but we want more than the coolness factor from our President. We want a man that cares about, believes in, stands up for, and lives for his country. George W. Bush knew this, and did it. President Obama does anything but.

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