my apologies…

I’ve been spending my week in the Gold Coast of Australia, with friends from Adelaide that I originally met in Michigan, when I was about fourteen years old. With limited Internet access and less time to write, everyone will just have to wait until I get back to Emerald, this weekend.

For a teaser, I’ve had fresh cooked seafood, while being watched closely by seagulls and pelicans. We’ve been shopping and I’ve resisted buying tons of Australia souvenirs, for my family. I’ve been to DreamWorld, and hope to go to their water park, tomorrow. We went to Lamington National Park, today, and the views were amazing. After a “barbie”, I had a very fun discussion of history and politics with Aussies that encouraged me on the subject, curious to know what the media does NOT tell Australians about the United States. And tomorrow evening, I’ll be seeing the Outback Spectular.

So, be glad that I’m not like some of the boys in my family, where the above paragraph would be the most detail that you MIGHT get about a trip like this. My description of my week… well, I hope they’ll be much better. Now that I’ve assured you that I will return to writing, either Saturday or Sunday, I hope you’ll forgive me if I rejoin my friends… oh wait, it’s bedtime. I’m going to sleep, shortly. Good night!

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