winter in July…

How odd is that, having winter in July? But this is like no winter I’ve ever known, as even in South Carolina, it gets reasonably cold in November and December. But this is shorts weather, at least in the afternoon, which isn’t winter, in my book.  : )

After sleeping in until 8, I headed to the local book store, looking for a present for one of my girls. As she’s ten now, I was trying to find something appropriate that I love to read, but they didn’t have any Redwall books or Spindle’s End, by Robin McKinley. So, they’re going to try and order them for me, as I think she really needs to read them. Instead, I came out with the graphic novelization of The Hobbit, because that was the only Tolkien book in the entire store. Don’t have a hissy fit, it’s the truth. What kind of book store doesn’t carry The Lord of the Rings?

Anyway, I think she’s already started reading it, as it has not only beautiful pictures, but a pretty good abridgement of the story. Yes, traditionalists, it would be better if she read the novel itself, but until I find a copy, I think this is a good start. The book store had some recent changes, so they admitted to not having everything that people are always looking for. But they’re already carrying Dr. Seuss books, because I asked about those, a few weeks ago.

Oh, I did go to the library, too, and I can always borrow The Hobbit from there, if I can’t find a regular copy of it. But aside from returning some Dr. Seuss books, I was looking for John Marsden’s books, as I’m curious to read Tomorrow, When the War Began. A series that follows some Australian teens in a future time, when their country has been taken over by invaders. I hear it’s a pretty good series, and in order to resist temptation in the book store, I’m going to borrow it from the library. I know, you’re shocked. But I do have a weight limit for my suitcase, when I go home. Any book that I really want about or from here, if I can get it from Amazon, it can wait until I get home. And in the library, I noticed these strangely interesting chairs. How’d you like some like them?

So, from the book store, I went to the Irish Pub to meet some friends for coffee, and since my breakfast cereal wasn’t staying in my system very long, I caved in and got carrot cake. Second breakfast, if you will. Along with a mochaccino. Yes, I’ve been taking advantage of cappuccino in just about any cafe or restaurant I come across. I managed to get a few more pictures of the Irish, as it’s a gorgeous establishment, with fascinating sayings on the wall (only some of them are in English) and beautiful furnishings.

This afternoon, I went to my first Australian bridal shower, wondering if it would be alike or different to ones back home. All I know is that it was quite lovely, with desserts that were delicious, and so creatively displayed. It was also combined with a Tupperware party and I’ve never been to one of those. Of the items that the Tupperware lady showed us, I was surprised to recognize quite a few items from the fridge here at my house, so I now know that Mrs. B has attended several of these parties, as well.

It will be no surprise to any of my friends that as soon as I had the chance, I swiped one of the babies from someone, and really enjoyed holding the 10 week old darling. No, working with kids does not make me sick of holding babies. I haven’t gotten tired of babies since I was practically one myself, so I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon. And then I quickly discovered that the best way to meet people is to be holding the baby, so that everybody comes to coo over them, and you can introduce yourself. The little sweetheart went to sleep in my arms, with no fussing involved.  : )

As I left, I noticed some gorgeous orange flowers around the arbor, and stopped to take a few pictures. I had wondered if it was native to Australia, but apparently the flame vine is native to South America. So, perhaps some people decorate with it back in the U.S., too. I did spend some time digging through my book of Australian wildlife, first, before going online and looking up orange flowering vines.

Then, back here for most of the evening, but I’ll be heading back to the Irish, shortly, to meet some friends. We’re not planning on eating dinner there, but if I don’t eat enough for dinner, I might just order a pizza. I had a pretty good one from there, once. But as I don’t like the taste of alcohol, it’s nice to know that I can either order a mochaccino, or stick with my usual lemon-lime ‘n’ bitters whenever I’m there.  : )

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