checkin’ the temp…

As usual, I started my morning by checking the weather report on a certain webpage, but a slight difference is occurring during my daily viewings. While I have that page set to Fahrenheit, as I speak it fluently, I then click on the Celsius option, to see what it translates into. I have looked at several charts that put Fahrenheit and Celsius side by side, but none of them are very big, and I promptly forget what I read. So, I started writing them on a notepad, which now sits next to my computer, where I can check it regularly. Occasionally, I check the weather page again, and add in a new notation, such as 75 degrees Fahrenheit is about 24 Celsius.

You wonder at my studiousness? Well, I find more and more often that the subject of the temperature comes up, on a particularly sunny, warm winter day, or when it’s frigid in the morning, but hot in the afternoon. And my Aussie friends don’t speak Fahrenheit, so they can only guess what I mean, when I mention the temperature. So, this is my new assignment, to learn enough Celsius to speak it, a little.

I did look at several websites, and try and understand why Fahrenheit was invented, and everything I’ve read doesn’t even agree on whether Celsius or Fahrenheit came first. The point is made that Fahrenheit is just easier to work with, when referring to weather, rather than decimal points in Celsius. Who knows? I just know that when it was 53 degrees F outside, this morning, it was approximately 12 degrees C. But 53 and 54 are both approximately 12 degrees C, so if you aren’t a scientist, who cares about the exactness of decimal points?

Oh, and I did read somewhere that there was a treaty back in 1875, with the countries (including the U.S.) agreeing to switch to metric, but many of them didn’t do it until the sixties. But it’s also possible that Thomas Jefferson had something to do with the United States not switching. Something about it giving the French an advantage, if we switched, too…

Are you wondering why I care? Well, I’ve been wanting to talk with my friends about how odd I find it that it’s “winter” here, and yet the day starts in the low fifties, and gets into the mid-seventies by the afternoon. Hence, I start the day in pants (and maybe a hoodie), and then I’d be in shorts by afternoon, if I was outside. Unfortunately for this season, the house doesn’t heat up very fast. But when your friends don’t speak Fahrenheit, it would help if I could tell them that having the day start at 12 degrees C and getting up to 23, in the afternoon, is very strange.

Now, if I was from Florida, back home, maybe this wouldn’t be all that odd, or maybe it would in fact, seem cold. But then, I don’t think we even refer to the weather as “winter”, when you live in Florida, even if it’s November or December.

Aside from my temperature studies, my day was pretty normal, trying to stay one step ahead of the kids. And for a treat, I was able to have dinner at a friend’s house, this evening, where we had a lovely, enlightening time.  : )   Good night!

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