gettin’ a coffee fix…

To my delight, I was given Monday morning off, as I’ll be getting up early for the next few days, and putting some extra hours in. I was actually able to sleep in until 8am! What bliss. After taking my time getting ready, I drove in to town to get some breakfast at Theo’s, a local cafe. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to bring my camera, so you don’t get to see the huge breakfast I ordered. Well, I didn’t know it was going to be huge, actually.

I quickly made my decision to order their bacon and eggs, which was supposed to come with a grilled tomato (I asked to have that left out), hash browns, French toast, eggs, and bacon. And I got a mochaccino to drink, too. I’ve had one of those at Theo’s, before, so I knew I’d like it. And it always come in such a pretty glass, filled to the brim, on a plate with paper lace doily and a coffee “biscuit” on the side. So, my meal arrived, with all of the aforementioned items, and sunny side-up eggs (I’d forgotten to specify) and a whole lot of bacon. I forgot that bacon in Australia is more like Canadian bacon… because it’s a different cut of the meat? I can’t remember. Hence, it was good, but not crispy, and there was a LOT of it. I’ve never eaten sunny side-up eggs with French toast, but that was good, too. I took all the extra bacon home, so we had it added to our dinner.

Now, remember, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, and had the occasional coffee, but I think I’ve been missing having access to a Starbucks, every now and then. Back home, I usually only had a latte or a mocha, when I traveled (on a trip from SC to PA, I could make several stops), but over the last few months, I was going there more often. So, one mochaccino tasted so good, when I reached Blossom’s bookstore, I was quite ready for another. The mochaccinos I’ve had in both locations are really good, and not nearly as sweet as the ones back home. Nothing wrong with that, less sugar is always better. But man, did I enjoy them.

And I did get another book, while at Blossom’s, one on the flora and fauna of Australia, because this particular book is really well illustrated, and I recognized quite a few animals and plants that I haven’t had a name for, previously. Such fun. And at noon, I was back to work, but full of energy, having had a lovely morning off.

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