all’s quiet…

It’s 7am, and all’s well. I haven’t heard a peep from either kids or baby, since I got up an hour ago. And that’s good, as they need their sleep, and I can use all the peace and quiet I can get. But the birds outside are not cooperating, trying to be as noisy as can be. And I’m not even hearing the kookaburras, at the moment, and boy, were they making a racket a little while ago.

The sun has been up for about half an hour. We’ve just started two weeks of school holidays, and there have been days when the kids did get up earlier than this. It’s strange to all moms and nannies, I suppose, that when there’s school, the kids get up only when called, but when there isn’t any school, they get up earlier, as if there are things happening that they don’t want to miss.

I find myself listening for every extra creak of a bed or a door, knowing they’ll be up before long. Probably, when I go downstairs to get myself some cereal, or even start the kettle to make tea, it’ll wake someone. Oh well, ’tis inevitable. And I’m hungry, so I’m going to go see if whether we still have Sultana Buds or Crunchy Nut Flakes in the pantry, still.

Oh, but first, in the temporary stillness of the morning, here’s a verse to start off my day.

“But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.” –Psalms 73:28

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