gone to Blackdown…

I was not particularly thrilled about having to get up at 6:30am, on a Saturday, but I still wanted to see the Blackdown Tablelands… and so, I rolled out of bed at said time. We were on our way by a little after 8, and arrived in due time. You could see smoke clouds in the distance, as there were supposed to be fires somewhere. Not dangerous enough to close the national park, though. As eucalyptus trees (especially the leaves and branches) are extremely flammable (I hear they can explode), I wonder how small the fires actually were, because there was plenty of smoke.

Alright, not trying to freak anyone out. We got up above the smoke, as we drove up and up on the twisty, scenic route to the campground, where all the trails branched off from.

We started out with the Culture Circuit, which had lots of signs explaining local scenery, and lots of neat rock formations. We managed to climb onto, into, and around several of them.

From there, we took another trail down to several sets of water falls, but not the big falls, yet.

We also wanted to see some good views, and eventually found the right trail for that. On the way, we misplaced two of our group, and when they finally caught up with us, someone else was behind them. I didn’t really pay attention, until he walked by and said, “Hi, Rachel.” as he passed. I did a double take, and then finally went, “Oh. Hi, Paul.”, or something to that effect. Having only met him twice, I’d forgotten what he looked like, and though several people said he was going to Blackdown to camp, did I really think I’d run into him? Of course not. I can now say that I’ve gone bush-walking, hours from where I live, and still managed to bump into someone else that I know. In the middle of the boondocks, for crying out loud!

We had fun taking pictures at the overlook, including sets of pictures, enough to stitch together on the computer, to create a panoramic view. The resulting picture (see two pics down) took about 23 photos to achieve.

We then had a picnic lunch back at the campground, where we had to keep our food close to us, because the kookaburras and other birds were trying their best to steal it from us.

Then we drove 8 kilometers down another bumpy road, in order to hike down to the Rainbow Falls. Down 240 steps, and some ramps, we went, to a beautiful pool under the falls. It’s supposed to be freezing in summer, too, but they like to swim there. So, since the rocks below the falls seem to go on forever, and some were great fun to climb on, we think we’ll come back to swim and picnic, in the summer.

We eventually had to climb back up, and drove toward the exit. Then we noticed the sun going down, and a Lookout View sign, so we parked, and RAN, as the sun was almost behind the hills. We missed it by several seconds… I’m not kidding. Very frustrating, but we still got some lovely pictures.

All in all, it was quite a lovely day, and I look forward to going there again in the summer.

49 thoughts on “gone to Blackdown…

  1. So it sounds like the early-morning wake-up call was well worth it?

    Sure looks like it — these are breathtaking pix, and you’ve been Freshly Pressed as well. Sounds like a win-win to me!



  2. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. It makes me wish I could jump on a plane and got to Australia. You’re so lucky.

  3. Glad you got up at 6:00 a.m. – it was totally worth it. I especially enjoyed the picture of you holding up the rocks and that darling little bird. Great shots!

  4. My husband’s in Melbourne for a business trip. I’ll tell him to check this place out. Amazing! thanks for sharing and congratulations on being FPed! 🙂

    • Thanks! It was a lovely place to be and hike around. Just a reminder, though. Blackdown Tablelands are around 3 hrs west of Rockhampton, in Queensland, so it might be a little out of his way, if he’s in Melbourne! But seeing as much as you’re able to see, while in Australia, should be everyone’s goal. : )

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