at Yeppoon…

I’m trying to find the words, and I’m coming up short. The pictures are going to have to help. I just had a fabulous weekend, spent with a wonderful group of friends, learning SO much about the grace and wondrousness of our God, from a DVD study series by John Piper. We stayed at Camp Lammermoor, in Yeppoon, Queensland. It’s located about four hours from Emerald, so we really were away from all the usual everyday things.

I have never heard anything by John Piper before, but I would definitely recommend his study on Defeating Unbelief. I don’t have the words, honestly. Suffice it to say, I learned a lot, took a ton of notes (some of you know me, I rarely take notes), and plan to go over them again. Definitely worthwhile.

Rain was predicted, and actually occurred… all day Saturday. Thankfully, we had a large common area to hang out in, plenty of room to play ping-pong, play guitar, sit and talk, or eat a lot. We neither got bored nor got sick of one another. It was a very fun day, with lots of learning time listening to John Piper, too.

We did our own cooking, but I can honestly say that we ate well, and possibly ate too much. Pancakes were cooked by the guys, Sunday morning, and they were large enough to roll all sorts of toppings into them, including ice cream. The guys grilled on the barbie, Saturday afternoon, with the doors wide open, as the rain poured down.

The rain let up, on Sunday (the silence was almost deafening, broken only by some kookaburras), and we immediately headed to the beach, though it was cool enough that we hadn’t intended to swim. After an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee, in the sand, five of us changed our minds, and went into the ocean, in whatever we happened to be wearing. It was COLD, but so fun. Unfortunately, I managed to drip water on one of my cameras, on the way back, and it was out of commission for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully, I had two with me.

Sunday afternoon, we drove into Yeppoon, and visited the main beach, where a group of us tossed a Frisbee and a Nerf Vortex, but did not go swimming. We also went to a coffee shop and went “thong” shopping. Yes, Americans, that means flip-flops, down here. I still can’t use that word in normal conversation, but I do know what they’re talking about.   : )

Sunday evening, we finished watching the DVD series, and then ended the evening with a crazy game of Absolute Balderdash. Definitions and movie plots were read. Tears were shed. I used up a lot of Kleenex. I can only say… “tiny, tiny feet” and “piggish critters”. The rest cannot be shared.

Monday, the sun came out, and we were practically blinded in our beds, as there were plenty of windows in the dormitories. One last trip to the local beach, and this time, we walked down to the rocks, as the tide was out. Balls of sand were flung into the ocean, group photos were taken, crabs were picked up, and rocks were climbed. I’ve used the word “fun” too often. I really must expand my vocabulary. We had a boisterous, convivial, diverting, and lively time. Ok, I feel better now, don’t you?

Sadly, we had to leave, so we cleaned up and drove back to Emerald. My car stopped at a rest stop, and we visited the playground, to try out the surfboard and climb a fig tree. What better way to round out a fabulous weekend?

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