the emerald show…

Supposedly, today is the first day of winter, down here. As it was only in the 50s, this morning, and the high 70s this afternoon, as well as being gorgeously sunny, I find that hard to believe. However, maybe the first day of winter was meant to usher in a different kind of cold, the one that I’m sharing with two of the kids, right now.

Despite the runny noses, we went to the Emerald Show today. I could’ve gone last night, but what fun would that be, on my own, and trying to get past this nasty sore throat? Instead, we watched the fireworks from the veranda, and tried to reassure the dogs that the pyrotechnics didn’t mean them any harm.

The Show was very nice, with not a cloud in the sky, and several of us happy to be wearing shorts or flip-flops. One of the first things we saw was the array of tractors and John Deere vehicles, to be used for farming and mining. Very popular equipment, here in Emerald. And since they can’t play on most of them at any other time, the kids enjoyed them here.

We started in one of the pavilions, where we got to see the prizes that one of the girls won for her photography. On the way to see the dessert entries (another of the girls decorated cupcakes and baked cake, but didn’t win a prize), we looked at the all the prize-winning vegetables, and bought some locally grown mandarins and limes.

After seeing all of the contest entries, we headed to the rides, the big rides for the big kids, and the littler rides for the little ones. On the way there, I paid attention to everything, finding a lot of the sideshow games pretty normal, but some of the food options were definitely beyond me. So, I waited for my opportunity to ask about everything.

Dagwood Dogs look a bit like corn dogs, but the hot dogs are dipped in batter and deep-fried. They also dip them in ketchup, afterwards. I thought mine was great. I also got some fresh “chips” (french fries), and later, I came back to try one of the waffles, filled with cream. Those were good, but the waffles are hard and crunchy, when I expected them (for some reason) to be softer. And they were full of cream, but the cream wasn’t sweet, which was interesting. One of the girls thought I’d gotten ice cream, and wanted some, but I had to disappoint her. Oh, and over here, cotton candy is “fairy floss”.

I also tried some sour strawberry licorice, which is full of some sort of cream. Very sour, very good, though I’m not sure if it agrees with my sore throat.

There were a few buildings with items for sale, and I looked around, still wishing to add an Aussie-style hat to my collection, but my hairdo wasn’t conducive to trying them on, unfortunately.

I had a while to wander on my own, but when I was finished, I realized I’d forgotten to get some of my family’s phone numbers, so I couldn’t call to find out where they were. But I had already planned on (probably) walking home, since the show is practically across the road. So, I enjoyed a nice, sunny walk home, with plenty of opportunity to take pictures, and arrived back before the rest.

Later, I discovered that there was a slight holdup on the family’s departure, as one of the girls decided to try out inhaling helium from a balloon. How many times have kids seen this happen in movies, and the characters speak in amusingly high voices? Well, this real-life girl tried it, and passed out, hitting her head on the ground. If she’d been on concrete, she might’ve gotten a concussion, as nobody caught her in time (not the movies, remember?). She came home with a headache and a stomachache, but she’s doing alright now. If you have kids, PLEASE remind them that it isn’t cool to try this particular trick.

And now, I’m going to bed early. I’m wiped.

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