a wandering star…

Before I headed Down Under, I heard somewhere that the constellations would all be different down here… though I never tried to figure out whether they would be completely different, or just upside-down. I’m still not quite sure, but I do know that I saw Orion in the sky, last night. And I’m pretty sure the sword was on the wrong side of his belt. Maybe that is incorrect, but I just had a feeling of wrongness… and how often do you feel like something’s wrong or different, when you see a familiar constellation? If you only ever see it at a certain beach, at a certain time of year, because that’s when you’re out beach walking in the middle of the night, then it should look the same. But I guess, if you head to the other side of the world, you’re really looking at things from a new point of view.  : )

After using that title, I have the song “Wand’rin’ Star” stuck in my head, but as long as you don’t have to listen to Lee Marvin’s voice singing it, then it’s ok. But then, I don’t recommend Paint Your Wagon in any format, except one or two of the songs. Remember that musical I mentioned, a while back, with Clint Eastwood singing in it? Even “I Talk to the Trees” isn’t a bad song, but you want the earlier version of that one, not the Eastwood version. It’s such a weird musical that they’ve rewritten it twice, over the years, trying to come up with a workable story. They just keep the songs the same. I don’t understand the first storyline at all and the newer movie (totally different story) is really strange. The only plus side to the movie is listening to Harve Presnell sing “They Call the Wind Maria” and some of “There’s a Coach Comin’ In”. You may recall, as previously mentioned, that Presnell starred in The Unsinkable Molly Brown and in recent years, he played Mr. Parker in The Pretender.

With no exciting plans for the day, I slept in until 8am (I know, insane, isn’t it?) and then headed for Clermont St, to hit some of the shops that are only open (for me) on Saturday morning. They close at 5pm, during the week, which doesn’t allow me to get to them at any other time. I was shopping for a hoodie, but I knew to call it a jumper, if anybody asked.   : )   After I found one, I went into a coffee shop and ordered something that sounded familiar. I had the idea that it would be loaded with chocolate or something, so I wouldn’t need to add sugar. It usually works. Today, it didn’t. Sadly, I couldn’t drink it, and let that be a lesson to me, to ask what’s in it next time. Even a sugar packet or two wasn’t going to help. But I will be back, because it’s part of a book shop, and they bring your beautifully presented coffee or cappuccino right to your table, complete with fancy chocolate design in the foam, and perhaps some candy on the top or at the side. I thought of Susie, just looking at them, knowing that when I get one, I’ll be taking a picture of it. And no, I didn’t tell the coffee shop people that anything was wrong, because it was my fault.

I discovered Emerald’s thrift store, Lifeline (I think that’s what it’s called), but didn’t stay their long. The baby store, next door, was much more fun. It’s amazing what will make you think of someone. The BabyCupcakes Sock Sushi made me think of Carrie, and the adorable stuffed spider made me think of all my friends that are terrified of them. I almost bought it, just because it made me chuckle. No one could be afraid of this spider. And I certainly have some memories involving spiders, when I worked with my summer staffers.

My very exciting wanderings (I know, I know) were finished up with finding a BoomBurger (no, I didn’t make that up) speaker to play my mp3 player on. It actually does look a bit like a burger. And then I headed to Brumby’s Bakery, to get a meat pie for an early lunch, with beef, cheese, and bacon in it. Yum! Ok, yes, I’m a creature of habit, that’s what I had the last time I was there.

With no big plans and a gorgeously sunny day out, I got ready to drive down to Morton Park to throw my frisbee around, and ended up taking one of the girls with me. She insisted she could throw better from the big rock below the painting, so I worked on my aim, trying to keep her from having to jump off. And then we played our way down the mosaic path. We came back before we could get fried by the sun, and I got to enjoy jumping on the trampoline with my headphones on. These are exciting days, I know. But then, next week’s the big agricultural show, here in Emerald, so there should be more doings to share after that.

Now, I am determined to finish reading Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

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