far as the eye can see…

I have never seen so many types of tuna fish before, and I have shopped at both Walmart and Sam’s Club. But apparently, Americans may have cornered the market in cereal, coffee, and everything else, but we ain’t got nothin’ on Woolworths when it comes to canned tuna. Most of the cans resemble cat food cans, size-wise, and then the varieties begin. You can get tuna in spring water, brine, olive oil, and mayo, or you can get it with lemon & cracked pepper, sun-dried tomato, hot pepper chili, mango chili, and every other flavor imaginable. Ok, not chocolate or anything like that, but just about everything else.

Walking down this aisle, I was intending to get a regular old can of tuna, with the idea of making some of my favorite tuna salad. I like to mix Hellmann’s mayo with the tuna, add a packet of Splenda (to sweeten it up a bit), and then mix in shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Then I put it on a bed of baby spinach. Yum! But the variety of tuna (and sardines, and mussels) threw me off completely. I didn’t even know where to start, so I decided to save it for another day.

While I was on that aisle, I had also been looking at the soup, just curious about what they would have, and being pretty sure that they wouldn’t have clam chowder or some of my normal American choices. I was right, and then I was surprised at how prominent pumpkin (squash to an American) soup is in the Aussie soup aisle. Now, I’ve had pumpkin soup several times already, and it’s delicious, but this is something that you will never find in a Walmart or Bi-Lo grocery store, back home.

Obviously, every visit to Woolies is an education for me. I still haven’t figured out where everything is, so it’s easier to be looking for something specific, and then to try and find it. And often, I come up short. Tonight, after the tuna aisle, I went to the potato chip aisle, to search for pretzels. I looked for them, last week, and didn’t find them, so it was time to try again. Scanning slowly down the shelves and… nada. What kind of country is this, that doesn’t have pretzels? I ended up buying a can of Pringles, not because I needed them, but as self-defense against a place that doesn’t sell pretzels.  [Ok, Mrs. B says that you can get pretzels in Australia, but if Woolies sells them, she doesn’t know where]

I’m so glad it’s Friday (no, I’m not singing the song), and I look forward to doing some more looking around the area, tomorrow. I have no plans, so I’ll just wander some more, whether it’s into stores or to drive a little ways in each direction. Maybe I’ll come up with something by tomorrow morning. Good night!

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