state of origin…

I’m not even sure where to begin. I am not a big fan of watching sports, much preferring to play them. If I have to watch them, I like to understand them, at the very least. Therefore, I find American football extremely boring and it makes absolutely no sense to me. And yes,  I come from Clemson, South Carolina, which is a big American college football town. Say what you like, I avoid the sport whenever possible, and if I’m around for the Super Bowl, I like watching the commercials. Yes, hate on me all you like, it won’t change the facts.   : P

Before I forget, I just discovered that Australians refer to American football as “gridiron”. Somebody asked me if I played gridiron, last week, and I got distracted from responding. I had no clue what they were talking about. So, tonight, somebody else brought the subject up, and I had to ask what they meant. Looking further into the subject, “gridiron” apparently refers to North American football, played in the U.S. or Canada.

So, here I am in Queensland, Australia, and my “family” told me they’d be having company over on Wednesday night to watch State of Origin football. I was already aware that there’s a difference between rugby league and rugby union (don’t ask me WHAT the difference is, ok?), so I wanted to know which one they’re talking about, once I realized that State of Origin WAS rugby. It’s rugby league. And this game is between Queensland and New South Wales. Ok, time to do some research.

State of Origin is a football game between NSW and QLD, but you play for the state where you first played senior rugby league. This usually means you play for the state of your birth, but there are a few exceptions to this. If I understand this correctly, the reason the State of Origin game originated was because when the states played each other, NSW almost always won. There didn’t seem to be much competition, and QLD was dissed over it as not being good players. Or something like that. So, it was suggested that if they played for their own state in the between-state games, there might actually be a competition, something worth fighting for. People were skeptical, but they tested it out, and in the first test game… Queensland won! Everyone was shocked, and thought it was a fluke (I had to explain what a fluke was to one of the girls, tonight). A year later, they played another test game, and guess what… QLD won again! People stopped being shocked, and got hooked. State of Origin was here to stay.

State of Origin is a series of three football (rugby league) games, with the games spaced three weeks apart. As it stands, QLD has won for the last FIVE years, with 2010 being a year where they won all three games. So, this year, they’re going for their sixth consecutive win… and tonight (Game 1), they won! So, rather than dragging this post out to explain how the game went, what rugby league is like, and what I thought of it, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Besides, I’m up past my bedtime, and I still have children to chase in the morning! Good night.

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