it’s drowned-ing out there…

Whoa, there’s rain coming down like insanity out there, with the wind sending it practically sideways. I did attempt to get some of the laundry off the line before it started, but it was tricky with the rotary clothes line spinning, and the laundry blowing away from me. I only got a handful before it started coming down in buckets. Then we had to concentrate on getting everybody inside safely, with all the windows and doors shut. Mrs. B came tearing in with some very wet children, having just dropped her eldest at netball, which I sure hope is indoors.

I’ll be grateful for the drop in humidity and temperature after this storm. The kids and I (before the storm) had been looking drippier by the minute, with no rain in sight. I keep reminding myself that this is autumn. But if the leaves don’t fall, how can you tell? I read that most eucalypts are evergreen. Go figure.

Anyway, earlier today, I taught the three year old a new game, another that I brought with me from the U.S. I already taught them how to play Rush Hour, a puzzle game involving little plastic cars and trucks. The cards go from Beginner to Expert, and each one illustrates a new placement for the pieces, and then your goal is to get the red car out the “door” on the side of the board. Without doing anything but moving them side to side. Some of you have probably seen this in a computer version, or just a puzzle that’s similar. The kids love it, by the way, Cathy! Anyway, the three and four year-olds can do a bunch of the beginner puzzles, and they get a kick out of placing the pieces, as well. While the older kids and adults regularly get stumped on the Intermediate and Expert cards.

So, instead of playing more of the “truck game”, I got out my newest card game, Blink. I’d never played it, but it’s supposed to be a speed game, for ages seven or older. Every card has from 1-5 shapes, and there are about five different shapes, and five different colors. Similar to Uno, you put down any card that matches in shape, number or color. With older people, the goal would be to run out of cards as quickly as possible. With one little girl, we each took turns, and I steadily asked her (as she quickly caught on) why she was putting a card down. Eventually, she would ask ME why she was putting the card down, and had little trouble with it. Speed can wait. But my favorite part is that she calls the lightning bolt shapes “light bulbs”.

For those who are wondering, Scully the Pony is doing just fine. He’s got 35 centimeters of stitches in his side (yes, Buddy, I checked), and gets to have fun things like shots, every day. We gave up on keeping the rainbow striped bandage in place, so he’s hanging out in the buff, out in his pen. The swing set has been moved closer to the pen, so the kids can swing and watch while their parents and the vet look after Scully. Oh, and the sign is from leftover construction work… the pony isn’t dangerous.    : )

Hmmm… it’ll be 4am at home, right now. The Seabrookers are asleep (well, they better be!), and will get up for the usual packing-up and lining-up process to drive to the Town & Country for breakfast. Yes, I know the breakfast is a little expensive, and not the best food in the world, but it’s good enough, and a fun tradition to have, especially as some of our group are just about to hit the road. I wonder what the plans for Charleston will be, this year. The Tea Plantation was last year, didn’t we walk the New Bridge the time before that? The U.S.S. Yorktown, we did that within the last two years, I think, so will it be something new, or something old? Oh, maybe Bud’ll take everybody to that beach… the one with the dead, whitewashed trees on the beach, and seashells by the kajillions (you get fined a large amount of money if you pick even ONE up). I can’t remember the name of the place, I wish I could’ve gone before I left… my recollection is that the beach name had an Aussie sound to it. Funny that.

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