frisbee, i love you!

I left for Australia, three weeks ago, and that’s exactly how long it took me to find some people to throw a Frisbee around with. Pretty good, huh? Big deal, you think? Now, you have to understand, they play a lot of sports around here, and I haven’t figured out what half of them are yet. The kids have sports they go to, and the adults have team games on weekends and after work. You can play soccer, rugby, rugby union, touch football (but it isn’t like U.S. football), netball (haven’t seen this one played yet), squash (is that racquetball?), and many more variations that I’m even more unsure of… but Frisbee? The trick is, really, to find a team to play anything with… meaning, figuring out how to contact people who play the sport you like.

Is there a central website for this? Not that I’ve run across yet. It seems to be mostly word-of-mouth, or at least that’s what I was informed of, this afternoon. After the Sunday afternoon Bible study, I took my opportunity to quiz my friends on the local sports. They said it depended on what I wanted to play, and began a hilarious guessing game of what sport I must like, being American. I said I’d be willing to try several sports that I’m not familiar with, just to meet people and get some exercise, but what I really wanted to play was Frisbee. But if you look online, the only official leagues for Ultimate are in Brisbane or Sydney, or some of the other big cities. You have to know the right people, where I am.

Volleyball would be a fun option, too. But, the flooding messed up another activity center (perhaps like the Y?), and volleyball would have only been available there (I think). So, they suggested we’d play some Frisbee when we go to the beach for a weekend, next month. But one of the guys admitted that today, he’d considered bringing a Frisbee with, in case we got a chance to toss it around. Yes, I found out that he knew how to play Ultimate, the other day, the only person in Emerald that did… or so it seemed to me. So, we talked one of the girls into coming, and I raced home to change and get my Frisbee. One of the kids spotted the Frisbee and wanted to come, but I said another time.   : )   It seems, my “family” drove by later, and the four year old did spot me on the field, which was sharp of her.

But before the other two arrived, they managed to enlist three other players, and then another couple came with their kids, a little later. So, eventually, we had eight adults on the field, tossing two discs around, while the three kids joined in, intermittently. At least three of this group (besides me) actually knew how to play Ultimate, so we’ve discussed trying to get up a game, next weekend.

After we were finally wearing down, the guys amused themselves, trying to hit the giant painting with the discs, and then told Lauren and I to not be “too mature”, so she and I also took a swing at hitting the painting. I was afraid I would “luck out” and hit the painting, only to have it get caught on the ledge of the giant easel. There it would remain, to the end of the ages, with no way of getting it down. I did hit the painting (barely), but thankfully, no Frisbees got stuck.

We were running around out there for almost two hours, I came home all sweaty and gross, and starving. Such a nice feeling, to have gotten a bunch of exercise, and had a blast doing it. I really hope we’ll manage a game, next weekend. The guys that know how to play, used to play in the Sydney area, so maybe we can get something happening here in Emerald! Such a happy and satisfying day!

It almost makes up for not playing at Seabrook with my friends, this weekend. But I’m betting… that nobody remembered to bring either a Frisbee or a volleyball (I’m the one that usually brings them), so they’ll have to stick to sunbathing, swimming, or walking on the beach. Will I win my bet? I’ll find out later. But how’s this for a Frisbee field?

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