of theatre, coffee, & gardens…

Let’s just see how this goes, shall we? I actually slept in until 8am, today, so I shouldn’t be quite this tired… but my body isn’t listening. I’m waiting for a Skype call from some Seabrook pals of mine, after they’ve finished their scrambled eggs and grits, which is likely what the chef served them for breakfast. And, oh, I do believe they’re online.

Wow, I just skyped with my friends in SC, right after they finished breakfast. And they didn’t have grits. How sad.

So, where was I? Last night, I went to the Emerald Little Theatre to see a performance of Inspector Drake and the Black Widow. But as it was dinner-theatre… you guessed it, they served us dinner, first. Well, technically, they served us a platter of appetizers, then we could go to the bar and order whatever we wanted to drink (Chardonnay? Coke? Water?), and then they brought our meal. Some got chicken, and some got steak, but it was all very good. Then, dessert would be served during the intermission.

Inspector Drake and the Black Widow is a play with only three people acting in it. Two guys play Drake and his sidekick, Sergeant Plod. The girl plays all the female parts, which is itself one of the gags of the play, including trying to play triplets. After the initial murder of a man dressed like a woman, more and more of the suspects die off, as Drake and Plod try to unravel the mystery (accidentally, and sometimes purposefully, killing off suspects). I don’t know how Drake is supposed to be played in other performances, but in this one, he’s a highly fidgety man, the type that just can’t seem to stand still. So, he was constantly moving about, up on his toes, and in constant motion. I bet it was exhausting. The girl’s characters covered a range of accents, while the guys were playing British, the whole time. As they were Aussie actors, it was pretty interesting, in the accent department. During the intermission, we were served chocolate mousse or cheesecake, and it was all very good. The show ended, literally, with a bang, a song, and a Darth Vader fight (not necessarily in that order). Quite good fun.

I rolled out of bed at 8am this morning, in order to get to a couple of the shops on the main street, before meeting a friend at Theo’s for coffee. First up was the outdoor store, where I picked up a mosquito net for my bed, queen-sized, so that now it will reach the floor, with room to spare. The previous one provided was white (my new one is green) and intended for a single bed, so I always seemed to be tangled in it, when I woke up.

Then, I wandered into Blossom’s, a coffee and book shop, which I’d like to spend more time in. All the gorgeous photo books of Australia… I don’t know where to start, or how much I’m going to spend on postage to bring everything home, if I’m not careful. I did buy a locally printed book about the recent flooding, which proceeds go to help with flood recovery. I want to read up on what they went through, since you don’t see much sign of the damage, at least from the outside of the homes.

At Theo’s, I met up with my friend and her daughter, and another lady from our chapel. Some of us ordered caramel macchiatos and such, while others ordered food and smoothies. Quite a selection, and that was before I got a glimpse of the dessert case by the cash register. If I’m not careful, I’m going to blow up like a blimp, what with all Australia’s meals, desserts, and smokos between those. We had some great talks, covering everything from sports to marriage to politics. I think they may be able to help me find out what local teams play, and when.

I headed home, to get some lunch (a sandwich, and a piece of bread spread with Vegemite CheesyBite), and then to follow them to Target. Their regular Target building was flooded last year, as it’s right near the Nogoa River, and they hope to open up again in July. But until then, they’ve set up in a large building… like a giant storage shed, on the outskirts of town. If I hadn’t followed Mrs. B in my car (we were headed two different directions, after), I’d never have found it. Most of the large surrounding buildings were for anything but shopping.

Finally, I drove to find the Botanic Gardens, and after a few wrong turns, I found it. The entrance is preside over by a giant windmill that feeds water into a lily pond behind it. Many postcards for Emerald will have pictures of that windmill on it. I walked quite a ways in both directions, but had no idea, at first, of the real scale of the place. I’d been warned to be careful that people were around, to be cautious, being a woman alone. And there were definitely some empty spots, and the rainforest area was kind of dark, so I figured I’d save it for when I went there with someone.

Still I wandered down to the river, which wasn’t very impressive, and very muddy looking, but the idea that all this was under flood waters until just recently was strange to think of. There was a Celestial Garden (well, that’s what it was called, that I wandered into, and it was like a simple maze. But they’re supposed to have a better maze at the other end of the Gardens. But that can wait for another day, I think.

It was extremely warm out (80’s) today, so I came back to recover from a headache, and curl up under my mosquito netting. Besides, I needed to get a little extra sleep, in order to be awake for my skype call. Good night!

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