under an Australian sky…

I just finished jumping on the trampoline. There’s something about flying up in the air like that, and blasting Glee music at the same time. It must be conducive to deep thoughts. Ok, maybe not deep ones, but definitely happy ones, even when I’m worrying that eventually this rather small, elderly trampoline might decide to bust on me, and it might just be my last bounce. You tend to listen and feel for every strange sounding creak and tearing sound, wondering if it’ll be your last. But then the next liftoff into the cool air, and you could care less, if only you could fly away this time.

And whether you like Glee or not, a lot of the music is nothing if not fun. Blasting their versions of Britney Spears and their smashup of Thriller and Heads Will Roll, with Valerie, Hey Soul Sister, Sing, and Don’t You Want Me thrown in… I was smiling at that Australian sky, for no particular reason.

It was a breezy afternoon, with a lot of clouds, but they were picturesque, and not predicting rain or storm, as far as I could tell. Suddenly, I was thinking to myself… that I’ve been in Australia for almost two weeks. Ok, I left on this adventure, two weeks ago, on a Sunday morning. And here I am, sometimes forgetting that I’m actually in the country of Australia. I looked around at all the surrounding trees, and wondered which were eucalyptus, or if they all were types of eucalyptus. I’ve read that they can take on a wide variety of looks.

Earlier, I looked out a window in time to see three kookaburras in a tree, shaking as they laughed, looking like we humans do when we’re in a fit of hysterical laughter. And I wondered again what kind of bird those black and white ones are. I ought to go to the library, and look at a book on Australian birds.

Eventually, I had to come down off my trampoline high (sad, I know), and the ground continued to move under my feet, as I trudged over to the veranda steps, and managed to get in the front door. My rubbery legs steadied, but my knee was shrieking at me, by then. I was all dressed for church, this morning, ran up the stairs to get something, and fell. Evidently, I hit my knee harder than I originally thought, because it got worse as time passed. Ah well, such is life.

This afternoon, I tried Chinese prawn crackers for the first time. I was at Sunday afternoon Bible study, and the hosting family had Chinese recently. I didn’t understand the word “prawn” when they said it, the first two times, and the light was starting to dawn, when one of the guys said “shrimp!” for my benefit. He was congratulated on being able to translate for the slow American.   : )   I’m trying to remember what other kind of cracker or chip I’ve had that are similar. They have the texture of Styrofoam, are quite thin, and look a bit like pork rinds (and no, I don’t know what those taste like). Not bad, but I’m afraid I preferred the little shortbread muffins that were one of our other snack options.

I was planning to leave a little before 6pm to go to a “sing-song” at a chapel couple’s home, but before then, I was still in the mood for some exercise. It had cooled down a lot outside, but I was still pretty warm from jumping. So, I took my Frisbee downstairs to see if anyone wanted to toss it with me. I started off with one of the younger girls, who’s not bad for a four year old. Then, she lost interest, and her older sisters came out for a while. They were a good bit better, and quite impressed by how far I can wing the Frisbee. Yes, I know, it’s pretty sad to try and impress the children, but I have to let them see how cool Frisbee actually is! I don’t know where the Australian Ultimate Leagues (or whatever they call it) are, but I would just LOVE to have the kids (and some of my friends, I hope!) learn to throw it around, and even enjoy it. I’d happily attempt to kick a soccer ball around, if they’d wing a Frisbee around with me sometimes.

So, the girls started quizzing me about what Ultimate Frisbee is, since I’d mentioned it to them before. I explained a lot of the similarities between Ultimate and soccer, and they seem to think it’s a bit like netball, too. But since I still haven’t seen or figured out what netball is yet, I’m not sure. After I described the game, though, one of them said we could use the soccer field at the park, with the goals there. Oh, yes, I explained, we always use those goals. Or, if there aren’t any, shoes, cones, water bottles… whatever works. So, I’m hoping the newness of this sport will catch their interest, and aside from that, you can’t say that I’m not enthusiastic.

Emerald, would you please welcome… Ultimate Frisbee.

One thought on “under an Australian sky…

  1. You’re so cool! I love how much fun you’re having over there and how you have jumped in w/ both feet and are enjoying all the new things you’re experiencing. Praying He richly blesses your time there! ❤

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