frogs in the toilet…

Whenever I think the phrase “frogs in the toilet”, I get the tune to “Cat’s in the Cradle” stuck in my head. Fortunately, I only know a few of the words, so I never get very far with my singalong. “Frogs in the shower” also works to the same. When I prepared to go Down Under, I thought about all the interesting animals that I’m going to see. The wonderful idea of eventually seeing kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, and other Aussie animals that do not begin with ‘K’.

I was warned, of course, that the house I would be living in is made of timber, and not completely sealed against the outdoors. Yes, I knew, and I assured them that I’m not a screamer. Well, it’s true, but I can squeak and yelp with the loudest. Since it’s fall, I don’t remember whether the frogs and geckos are coming, going, or staying, but they’re here. Now, they don’t bother me, but there are certain times of the day when you really want to be all alone, with no worries about leaping critters. These occasions usually involve the bathroom.

One of the toilets is of a design that frogs can get inside the bowl, up where you can’t see them. Actually, they’re not in a position to jump out, they’d have to fall back into the water, first. But the first time I flushed the toilet and I saw some long green legs come out for a second, as the resident frog attempted to stay in his hiding place… I’m afraid I squeaked. Seriously, it was the middle of the night, and if I’d screamed, they’d have heard me, so you can believe me when I say that. No stretching of the truth.

Since then, occasionally the frog will end up in the water at the bottom of the bowl, and just sits there looking up, as if contemplating when to make his move back into that wonderful hiding place of his. What is the attraction? I’ve no idea, but I certainly prefer the other bathroom, unless I’ve checked carefully that there are no green legs in sight. If the frog is in the bowl, then I request “frog removal” from our family’s dad. He’s always happy to oblige, and is accustomed to these requests from his daughters, as well.

Now, the shower is one of those glassed in ones, with a door, and several nice corners to lodge in. These frogs are in plain sight, but once in position, they don’t move. They just want to bask in the steam and spray, apparently. Last night, one was hopping around the bottom, unable to get his footing on the tile wall. I requested frog removal, but by the time we returned, said frog had finally gotten a grip, and climbed up into another corner. He hung onto a position that looked ready for leaping, however, and I was a little leery about him.

I’ve only seen the geckos a time or two, and they’re no problem, as they stay on the walls and don’t show up in awkward places. Mainly, they remind me of Indonesia, where I’d seen them before, over ten years ago (can you believe it?).

The laughter of the kookaburras is one of the first things I hear every morning. My first morning here, I thought the girls were laughing and shrieking, all at the same time. but I was only partially awake. I hope to be able to get some closer up photos of them, eventually. And I have seen some other lovely birds, too, though I have no idea what they were. A couple that I saw at the Rockhampton Airport, the other day, were partially dull green with white bodies (I think), but they had iridescent blue on each side of their faces. Other birds I’ve seen are patchy black and white… almost like a checkerboard, where the lines haven’t been defined properly. When I figure out what they are, I’ll let you know.

I know these animal adventures aren’t what you or I expected, but they are interesting and sometimes amusing. And as long as I don’t have any adventures with crocodiles or anything poisonous, while I’m here, I’ll be completely happy. No matter how many frogs I come across.

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