the birthday swap…

There was a birthday swap, today. My youngest brother turned 20, but was unable to be home, as he’s still finishing some of his Air Force training. However, my birthday is just over a week from now, and I’ll be leaving the U.S. in two days. So, I told Joe that I was hijacking his birthday. And then one of my brothers asked me about whether we were “swapping birthdays”, and I realized he was correct. While I’m home for Joe’s birthday, he will be home in a week, God willing, for my birthday. And my birthday also happens to be Mother’s Day, so they can celebrate both events on that day. So, a swap it shall be. Does this mean that he can turn 31, while I turn 20?

My birthday meal choice has always been chicken and dumplings. I’m not the only person in the family to consider this a favorite, so some years, we would have dumplings for Joe’s birthday and then a week later, for mine. And birthday cake, always birthday cake. But I’ve been away from home for almost five years, and though I ate plenty of cake (thanks, Donna!), I didn’t get to have my family’s birthday cake.

When we were little, I thought our birthday cakes were fascinating, because my mom could decorate them so beautifully. When we were very young, we had cakes with Care Bears and other special designs on them. And how many people can make their writing, in icing, look just like their own writing, on paper? Such skills.

Keeping in mind that some of us really didn’t need or want to be overdosing on sugar right about now, I thought it would be a better idea if we had cupcakes. The upstairs smelled so wonderful, though anybody out of range of the kitchen would have trouble identifying the smells, as chocolate and chicken didn’t seem to go together.

Well, I got my birthday cake, after all these years, and filled up on dumplings. I suppose I could claim they tasted so good because I cooked and shredded the chicken, and chopped the carrots?   : )   Ok, no, I can’t. Maybe I’ll even get to eat some things that are just as good, while in Australia. Is that possible?

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