last day…

I was going to entitle this “last day in the USA”, and then I remembered that since I don’t leave from LAX until around 11pm tomorrow, that would be incorrect. Then I thought I’d call this “last days”, but I really don’t want anyone to mistake me and think this post is about the end times. But truthfully, you could consider (for me) that yesterday, today, and tomorrow are a series of last days. Emphasis on the lower-case ‘l’ and ‘d’.   : )

Yesterday was my pseudo-birthday party with my family. Today is my last day at home with all my family (well, almost all of them).  And tomorrow is the last day that I’ll spend time with my parents, as they’ll be dropping me at the airport in Charlotte. And then tomorrow is my last day in the USA. At least until next year.

My largest suitcase is upstairs and locked (yes, it has a TSA lock), though I had to reopen it to remove two boxes of tea that I had planned to take. I’m not sure whether declaring that you have herbal tea would require them to look at it, or just know that you have it. How exciting your life must be, if you have to examine boxes of herbal tea all day long! But I don’t want to even bother with it, so I took them out. Perhaps my chai tea doesn’t even count as herbal tea, but it has plant matter in it, so that counts, right?

Besides, I have enough issues to deal with, getting to deal with the TSA, baggage weight limits, passports, metal detectors and all sorts of stuff. You don’t even want to get me started on my opinion of the feckless, hopeless, and incompetent TSA (yes, I love my thesaurus, how can you tell?). Oh, wait, did I get started? I’ll try and stop.

I’m trying to not even think about whether I’m going to run into one of the new scanners that require you to take everything (even Kleenex) out of your pockets, and then get to see a full body scan of you, as they search for dangerous materials. Considering how much Kleenex I usually have on my person, this is already in problematic territory. And though I’m not keen on going through those scanners, I don’t particularly want to have a full-body-cavity groping session with any of the agents.

I was able to check-in online, which is kind of handy, but haven’t been able to check my baggage online. I’m not sure why. I was able to do that last time I flew, but maybe that was a different airline? Looking at your boarding pass, just printed off your own computer is kind of weird. It seems to get smaller every time, even though it still has that special digitized symbol on it, which makes it official. But that page also had the weather report for LA and some other items, so all of those take up more room on the page than the boarding pass itself.

I think the boarding pass information is a little more important than the weather, don’t you? At least now I’ll know how nice the weather is outside, while I’m stuck in the airport all day. Not only will the sunny skies be visible from every window, but my boarding pass paper will inform me that it’s also 80 degrees out.

Perhaps you think I should take some of that 11hrs and travel around LA, but I’m a bit of a realist/pessimist (depending on your own viewpoint) when it comes to something like that. Since I don’t know anyone in town, I would have to get a taxi (costs money) and drag my carry-on luggage around with me everywhere. The likelihood is that I’d end up getting stuck in traffic somewhere, and miss my flight. Somebody’ll have to show me around LA, someday, but I certainly don’t know what there is to see.

My other suitcase, my carry-on bag, and my laptop bag (the BumBakPak) are loaded, with the exception of my last-minute items. I weighed in both suitcases at ~49lbs, so I’m hoping to avoid any baggage fees. But who knows, maybe the airport scales will be touchy.

Pessimistic, you say? I tend to consider myself a realist. I don’t think that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I think that since there’s always a possibility of something going wrong, I want to be prepared for it. I do find that if I’m prepared for it, I often prepared for no apparent reason. I prefer that scenario to not being prepared, and then having everything blow up in my face.

So, the laptop’s in its bag, and I’m using one of the other computers. My Kindle is charging and the computer is fully charged. I know where my plug adapters are, so if I have extra time in the Brisbane airport, and there’s a wall plug, I’m all set. My paper notebook and pens are accessible, so if I’m not sure how much longer my computer battery will last, I can go back to the old-fashioned way of writing up what’s happening.

Actually, I’m more likely to do that, while sitting in an airport. Journal what I’m seeing, if I’d rather people-watch than read, and want to save my computer’s battery. I did it on the way to Ireland, Indonesia, and the Bahamas, so I don’t think I’ll completely change my stripes, yet. Laptop or no laptop.

So, stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “last day…

  1. Oh man, I totally get how you feel about luggage and problems. When we bought my ticket (which was only about two weeks or less before I left) I was told I could take two pieces of checked luggage. When I got to the airport I was told only one. They let me take the 2nd no charge since I just got my ticket, but I’ll have to pay on the way home. I also had to leave all the maple syrup for my parents to bring….I’m kind of scared when I pack to go home. How much will my suitcases weigh then?!

    • Yes, I had some great fun when I traveled over here. Part of the problem was traveling on two different airlines that aren’t in the same… network. Or whatever it’s called. The domestic airline had different weights and limits than QANTAS did, so I tried to keep both in mind, before I left. But I still messed it up, and when I got to LAX, they told me both my carry-ons weighed too much. I ended up having to put a ton of stuff in one bag (including all the snacks I brought) and then checking that bag. The lady at the desk told me that I could check it at the gate, though, and then I wouldn’t have to pay a fee. : ) Nice lady. I’ve told myself that I’ll just have to accept paying extra baggage fees, when I return home, though. No way I’ll get by without them, this time. : )

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