an extraordinary America…

I just finished reading Sarah Palin’s America by Heart. I found it an engrossing discussion of what makes our country not just good or even great, but exceptional! Our country is the exception, we stand out among the other normal countries out there. Synonymous with this word, I like to consider our country to be an extraordinary place. We are a country that rises above the ordinary, that exceeds expectations, and completely surpasses them.

If you haven’t read Palin’s book, I would highly recommend it. She discusses faith and family in these modern times, and how faith and conservative values affected our Founding Fathers. She denies the idea that government is needed to take care of us, but asserts that we were born free, and shall continue to do so, if the government would just stay out of our business. I would also recommend Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue, which if nothing else, will make you want to pack your bags and move to Alaska. It made me want to move there. But not only that, these two books give you an excellent idea of what Sarah Palin believes in, for her faith, her family, and her country. Even if you don’t support her in a possible run for the Presidency (myself, I would support her), you cannot doubt that she loves America and wants us to remain free. Our Founding Fathers fought for our freedom, and she’s fighting for it, too, in her own way. And she pulls no punches, along the way.

Having finished America by Heart, I decided to borrow a book from my brother. I actually bought it for him for Christmas, knowing that while he isn’t interested in politics, he IS interested in history. Considering it had chapters on the Johnstown Flood, the Dred Scott decision, Martin Van Buren, and Ronald Reagan, I thought he might like it. That has yet to be seen, because he has any number of books on other historical subjects to work through. But considering I love this author’s books, I knew it would be excessively interesting… at least to me, if not my brother.

And so, I took a look at my brother’s bookshelf, and borrowed 7 Events That Made America America: And Proved That the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along, by Larry Schweikart. As a favorite author of mine, I’ve never met one of his books that I didn’t like, and as it’s only a little over 200 pages, I should be able to get through it before I leave on Sunday. That is, before I leave for the airport, because I’m not taking it with me.

By the way, if you REALLY like history, then consider picking up A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror, which Schweikart co-wrote with Michael Allen. Or even consider it as the primary history book in your child’s homeschooling regimen. The complete antithesis to Howard Zinn’s atrocity of a history book, Allen and Schweikart’s goal is to show you what revisionist histories will not. The truth about our country’s founding and all that followed. If you didn’t like being fed political correctness in high school or college, then this one will open your eyes. Yes, it’s 960 pages, which is not a short read, but it will be SO worth it. No, I haven’t finished mine yet, and my paperback copy is in my storage unit in PA, so I plan to get this one on my Kindle soon. And before you diss me for packing it away, I was limited to what I could bring with me when I moved south.    : P

Looking at 7 Events That Made America America, inside the dustcover, there’s an exceedingly interesting blurb, which only whets my appetite further to read the book itself. It mentions, briefly, several events that had far-reaching effects on our country, events that you’d never imagine could have these end results. It suggests that President Eisenhower’s heart attack resulted in the government gaining control over our diets (possibly causing the creation of the FDA?) and how rock ‘n’ roll helped bring down the Soviet Union. This book is supposed to remind us why our country is so extraordinary, because of its original beliefs in small government and liberty for all.

I can’t wait to begin, and I have a deadline for finishing it. I’ll have plenty of time to think about it, and try to understand it all, afterwards.

How about you? Do you think, as does our President, that we are nothing special and we need to apologize for all our present, past, and future behavior? Or do you believe that we are an exceptional and extraordinary country, meant for great and wonderful things?

One thought on “an extraordinary America…

  1. Sounds like some good reads before leaving our country! 🙂 I think we do live in a great country, which allows us to serve God without fear of death. A lot of strong Christians have been born and raised here and sent out to other countries. I’m thankful for what we have here.

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