thou shalt not sync…

You might think I was off my book binge for the moment. Well, you’d be wrong, because my life is one long round of books. But I was getting a little frustrated with the previous author I was reading… and I decided I needed a break from my Kindle. So, I’ve been breezing through a real book, made of paper and everything! I know, amazing, isn’t it? I’ve been skimming through a bit of Anne of Ingleside, which has me wanting to breeze on into Rainbow Valley and my favorite of the Anne books, Rilla of Ingleside.

Yes, if you’ve never read beyond Anne of Green Gables, you don’t know what you’re missing. Of course, Rilla of Ingleside is set during the first World War, and it has some heftier details and subject matter than her earlier stories. But you discover what grit these people have always had in them, and you want to cheer those boys from the Glen, even knowing that going to war is not the adventure they think it is.

I actually didn’t start off to talk about what I’m reading, but perhaps I shouldn’t worry about it, because since I am always reading something, I should mention it. Maybe.   : )

At present, I’m almost over my computer-related miff, but I feel like addressing a homily to the congregation on the evils of syncing. Ok, maybe I won’t quite do that, but I am not a proponent of Windows Live Mesh, nor will I ever be again.

Last week, I got a laptop, in preparation for my trip, and I was trying to figure out the easiest way to transfer my music and pictures from my desktop computer. My brother suggested the aforementioned program, so that once they were synced, the files would move over automatically.

Now, I’m not a dummy where computers are concerned, but occasionally a new concept doesn’t quite click with me. I was under the impression that my computers were syncing, and that I was transferring file copies. And then I closed Mesh, and thought I was ok. Of course, the program was having issues, so I shut it down in the middle, and moved some photos using my flash drive.

So, a couple of problems occurred. While thinking the program was closed, it wasn’t. I hadn’t noticed the little icon in the lower-right hand corner, that required me to click on it and Exit. When I started deleting some of my excess photos off of my laptop, apparently I was doing the same thing to my desktop’s photos.

Now, I thought I’d lost a few, and fetched them back out of the recycle bin, but something else tricked me. The syncing program had brought over all the files with their names, but it hadn’t brought the photos. So, where did they go? I have no idea. They aren’t in the recycle bins.

And here I am, a week from leaving, and discovering that several years of my photos are missing. I’m thrilled to know that I have CD backup, but do you have any idea how long it takes to copy files from CDs back onto a computer? I’m somewhere in the middle of 2008 and hoping that I haven’t lost everything, because I have 70 backup CDs. This could take a while.

The moral of this story? Well, for me, it’s thou shalt not sync. Maybe the program works for others, but it has not made me a happy camper, by any stretch of the imagination.

Digging through old CDs and pictures has reminded of some pictures that I took and forgot about. The clematis pics are among them. In one of my previous houses, a clematis grew out of the blue, one year, next to my lamp post. There was a  funny discussion I had with a friend on why she thinks clematis ought to be spelled ‘clemattis’, because with only one ‘t’, it should be pronounced ‘cle-MAY-tis’. And then, one day, I came into my house and found the clematis in my sink. I’ve never been sure how it got there, whether someone picked it and decided I should have it. Yes, I kept my doors unlocked at thetime, but I never was able to figure out which of my friends put it there.

I’m off track again. My original intention for getting on the computer was to pick out a handful of favorite pictures to print and put in a small album to take with me. That’s why I was going through my older photo files.

I must admit, however, that listening to Kate Voegele and Brandi Carlile in the background has definitely helped. And knowing that I don’t have to finish this copying today, that relieves me, too. A little while ago, I was in the hatchet stage, ready to bash my computers with it.

At this very moment, Fisher’s Too Late is playing in the background. How appropriate.

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