suitcase politics…

The suitcases are open. It has an ominous ring, don’t you think? I have a week and a half until departure, and I have to figure out what I have room for. I did make my decision on the suitcase sizes, though. If they decide to charge me a fee for the big case, then so be it. For a year, it’ll be worth it.

Now, I’ve commenced filling the cases with clothing, shoes, and other necessary items. But I haven’t reached the part where I pack the bathroom items, so I have to keep that in mind. Each suitcase has to be 50lbs or less. I think my dad suggested that I wouldn’t even come close to that, unless I filled it with books. Well, I’ve decided that’s baloney, because the only book that will travel in my suitcase will be my Bible, and I achieved 46lbs on the first weigh-in.

While in the middle of debating over what to pull out and what to move to the smaller case, I was wandering around my room, and nearly freaked. I have several mouse traps in the room, glue traps included. And discovered that sometime in the last hour or so, two of them got used. I gasped so loudly that I almost choked on my own saliva.

I’d never run away, but I can assure you, I wasn’t pleased by their presence. Think about it, I sleep on the floor (on an air mattress), my desktop computer sits on the floor, and all my stuff is scattered around everywhere. My only hope is remembering that the mice usually only come in here when they get lost, probably trying to find their way out of the basement, or on a trip to visit friends somewhere on the other side of the house.

I also discovered that the scale wasn’t in a good location. I had placed it in front of the closet, but it’s so warm out, that I have both doors open, and I’ll walk through without the light on, sometimes, on the way somewhere else. And the scale was right in the way, so I did my very best to break my toe… but didn’t, thankfully. I moved it out of the danger zone, and continued on my merry way. Except I’ve managed to kick the suitcases a few times, too, so my feet aren’t thanking me, at present.

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered a BumBakPak for my laptop. I needed a case, anyway, and two of my brothers have the BBP bags. They can change from a messenger bag to a backpack (if I understand it correctly), and I should be able to put my purse inside it, and use it for one of my carry-ons. A very handy item, I think.

And the politics continue… trying to compromise on the weight of the items to bring, the variety of dress clothes, the clothes I want to wear if I lose weight again, and to limit the number of shoes. When I even get around to the bathroom items, will there be room to bring shampoo and conditioner, or do I buy that over there? Obviously, these items will be available in Australia, but I’ve been warned that things are more expensive Down Under. So, to bring or not to bring? The question continues.

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