one last road trip…

Alarm is set for 5am. As horrid as that sounds, I will likely be perkier than usual, because when you’re getting up for a road trip, you can’t stay in the dumps for long. Assuming you actually manage to sleep, the night before. And since this will be my last road trip with my mom, before I fly to AUS, I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

How many years has it been since we went on a road trip together, Mom? Has it been five years? We used to swipe my cousin Hannah from whatever she was doing, and head to the beach, every year or two. Just the three of us. And now, Hannah’s in MD with her husband and baby, and I’m headed overseas. They’ll probably take a beach trip without me, this year. Minus me, plus baby Norah. I shall do my utmost to NOT be jealous. I might not succeed.

Anyway, the game plan is to leave at 6am, hopefully get through D.C. and Baltimore, before traffic gets heavy, and maybe we’ll get there before 6pm. Google maps says it should take 11 hours, but I don’t trust it, even when you try account for possible traffic.

Then, after basking in the presence of my dearly loved cousins, on Saturday afternoon/evening, I’ll leave Mom there and head to Pennsylvania. That’ll take about 3 hrs and I’ll arrive at Greenwood, in time to spend the evening with some of my dear friends. Sunday afternoon/evening, I head back to MD, sleep there, and we leave at the crack of early on Monday. If all goes well, we’ll be taking the route through Delaware, in order to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which I’ve never seen.

So, if you don’t hear from me until Tuesday, then I’m probably in a car, spending time with some of the people I love best, or sound asleep (not all at the same time). More details will follow, then. Have a lovely weekend!

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