let the suitcase be the judge…

Three suitcases are lined up against my wall, and in three weeks, two of them will carry everything that I need for the next year. That’s a lot of responsibility to entrust two suitcases with, don’t you think? And yet, here I am, trying to narrow down which of them to keep. The final say over what to bring with me to Australia… all depends on the perimeter of my suitcase.

Australia, you say? Well, if you’ve only just joined us, I’m on my way to Emerald, Australia, in three weeks time. There, I will discover the joys and trials involved with living Down Under, while working as an au pair with a lively local family. I will spend at least a year in the vicinity of Lake Maraboon and the Gemfields, and within several hours of the Great Barrier Reef.

But for now, I’m measuring suitcases. Serious questions occur, such as, how picky will the airlines be? They’re picky enough about knitting needles and nail clippers, will they be equally obsessive about measuring suitcases and finding that the sum total of two of the two perimeters comes to over 106 inches? That, in fact, they total 114 inches? Heaven forbid.

And once this weighty issue has been decided, the next, more important question is to be considered. What do you bring with you, when you’re packing for a year abroad? You have to decide what items are truly important and necessary, when the perimeter of a suitcase may define the next year of your life.

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